Nationally Top Performing County in DofE

Nationally Top Performing County in DofE

2 May 2023

  • Lincolnshire ACF

Lincolnshire ACF has had another successful year for DofE results across the County and Nationally with a total of 97 awards completed of which 66 were Bronze and 31 were Silver. There are currently 202 cadets signed up for their award of which 128 are enrolled on Bronze, 59 are enrolled on Silver and 15 are enrolled on Gold.

After the last 2 years in 3rd place and then 2nd place, Lincolnshire ACF has made it to the top across the UK and NI and have received the accolade of the Quaich Trophy which was donated by Lt Colonel Alistair Spowage.

The expedition season has now started and the first expedition has just taken place, of which 40 cadets attended the event in Nottinghamshire.

Watch this space for updates on this event.