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National Archery

Brilliant Effort by Cadets: next stop National Competition

National Archery

1 May 2023

  • Greater London South East Sector ACF
  • Fu p L Uy X0 A Am FE8
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  • Fv B2b0m Wc A Ei9vl
  • Fv B2ca OWYA Ul Rz N
  • Fv B2cz G Xo A Ab HQI
  • Fv B2d Mb X0 AA Cj2r
  • Fu p L Uy X0 A Am FE8
/ 7

Whoop whoop!

Here they are!!

Our mighty LONDIST Robin Hoods

Phenomenal effort from Cadets & Staff.

Next stop: the FIRST National Archery Competition! We can't wait!

So hugely proud of the 9 x @GLSEACF Cadets in the National Archery Squad 2023!

Congratulations to our
#Prideof7Coy Cadets who have done so well to get into the team!