National 10K Running Competition

National 10K Running Competition

31 March 2021

  • Cambridgeshire ACF

ARMY CADET SPORTS 10KM VIRTUAL RUNNING RACE 24 – 25 April (Westminster Code /21/781931)


1. During these times of social distancing and the current lack of competition across the Army Cadets, there is a gap that can be filled by virtual racing. Virtual racing allows individuals to compete against one another but in a safe way that conforms with the government’s current social distancing guidelines. To that end Army Cadet Sports has set up a virtual running challenge that is open for all Army Cadet personnel.


2. The aim of this event is to provide all Army Cadets an opportunity to get involved and help build an esprit de corps and to have fun while keeping active.


3. This event is a running challenge where you will need run 10km in your personal best time. The challenge will be open on Strava 24 – 25 April and all runs must be recorded on the Army Cadet Sports Strava clubs

4. You are encouraged to train for the challenge and great care must be given with warming up for the run and likewise cooling down.

5. You will need to download Strava to your phone and log into the Army Cadets Sports Club and simply start recording your run.

Strava Club Names

Army Cadets Sports CFAVs

Army Cadets Sports Cadets

6. All runners must register on Westminster to be eligible for a medal (Westminster Code /21/781931)


7. The rules for the challenge are shown below and must be adhered to especially the social distancing and safety:

  • Permission and Safety of the runners are under the conditions set by the parent or guardian.

  • All runners must be registered onto the event on Westminster (/21/781931)

  • The challenge must be evidenced by Strava.

  • Social distancing guidelines MUST be adhered too by local Government Guidelines.

  • Only efforts completed between 24 - 25 April will be counted.

  • Medals will be issued to cadets that have registered on Westminster.

  • All runs will be checked on Westminster and Strava.

  • Safety is down to the individual runners and MUST obey all laws if needed.

  • If any runner is running off road then great care must be in place while running

  • You are encouraged to run with another member of the same household.

8. We don’t want to encourage to race but do want to encourage the fun of running while keeping active.

9. All runners are encouraged to run safety and stay within their own personal physical ability.


10. Be aware that when uploading your Strava data will show the start location. In order to ensure that cadet personnel are not giving details of their home location then all runners are advised to begin their run 1 mile away from their home address. Guidance would be to warm up without Strava on and then start Strava at the beginning of your run. Make sure that your run does not end at your home location. You can also set the privacy zones that hides the start/finish location of your run.


11. All cadets are responsible for their own safety while out running and we encourage you to go running with another member of the same household.

‘Good Luck’

T Hayter

National Sports & Physical Development