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Mold Cadet takes lead role in new memorial

Cadet 3D scanned as part of memorial project

Mold Cadet takes lead role in new memorial

8 March 2022

  • Clwyd And Gwynedd ACF

A project is underway to build a memorial to the Royal Welch Fusiliers outside Hightown Barracks the original RWF Regimental Depot in Wrexham. The centrepiece of the scheme - to be unveiled on March 1st next year - will be a life-size bronze statue of a Fusilier with the regimental goat. Wrexham has a long history with the Royal Welch Fusiliers. Hightown Barracks was a base for the regiment from 1881 until 2006 when it amalgamated to become the Royal Welsh.

Mold cadet Matteo Molica-Franco has been chosen as the model for the sculpture which will represent a Royal Welch Fusiliers Goat Major. 15-year-old Matteo is a member of Clwyd & Gwynedd Army Cadets Mold and Buckley detachment. He was chosen for the role because he’s also in the Corps of Drums and will be wearing the Goat Major’s uniform in the sculpture.

The statue is being created by Llandudno based sculptor Nick Elphick who has been commissioned to sculpt a life-size statue of an RWF Goat Major and Regimental Goat. The statue will stand in a memorial garden outside the gates of Hightown Barracks (the original RWF Regimental Depot) in Wrexham, North Wales. This amazing initiative is being led by Offa Community Council who are still fundraising for the project.

To avoid long hours of posing Matteo has been photographed by a 3D scanner using cutting edge technology by staff at Europac 3D a specialist scanning and 3D printing company in Shropshire. Once the image is in the computer it will be used to make a small model or maquette which sculptor Nick Elphick will combine with dozens of still photos to create the life-size version in bronze.

Matteo says it's a great responsibility to be the face of such a historic regiment. "It will feel great if I see the statue when it's finished and be able to say I played a part in that. I'm representing the whole community, and all the people who've done the role in the past and all the people who will in the future"

RFW statue scanning
Getting position for scanning