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Mold Cadet Completes Master Cadet Course

Mold and Buckley Cadet completes the gruelling Master Cadet Course at Frimley Park

Mold Cadet Completes Master Cadet Course

28 October 2022

  • Clwyd And Gwynedd ACF

Mold and Buckley Cadet completes the grueling Master Cadet Course at Frimley Park Cadet Training Centre in Camberley.

Cadet SSgt Matteo Molica-Franco made the long journey from North Wales to the National Cadet Training Centre at Frimley Park in Camberley to take part in the Master Cadet Course one of the pinnacles of a cadet’s career.

Matteo reported “After arriving at CTC Frimley Park on Saturday I can now say that I have passed my master cadet course after an extremely long and demanding week. During the first couple of days here we were put to completing a couple of assessments. Early in the week, we went into the field, which consisted of an extremely tiring four-day exercise that pushed me and others to our limits. After returning to Frimley Park I was lucky enough to experience a mess dinner and be tasked with being “Mr. Vice” being the youngest cadet, and proposed a toast to the King. On the last day, we were lucky enough to also visit The RMA Sandhurst for a tour around the old college and grounds.” Adding “Overall it was an amazing experience and I am extremely glad and relieved that I was able to complete the course.”

Commandant Martin l Craven said, “I heartedly congratulate Cadet SSgt Molica-Franco on his Master Cadet award a result of much hard work, well done.”

Charlie Lloyd Company Commander of Crecy Company – the Senior Cadet Company, said “big congratulations on passing one of the toughest if not toughest ACF course” adding “Matteo continues to be an inspiration to the other cadets”

We all congratulate Matteo, and the other successful candidates, for such an achievement.

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    In action

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