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Message From Our New Commandant

Message from our New Commandant

Message From Our New Commandant

21 February 2021

  • Argyll And Sutherland Highlanders Battalion ACF


A busy first week in the chair and already it as flown by.

First and foremost, I’d like to invite all adults to the Battalion Conference scheduled for

1900 hrs on Monday 22nd Feb. Although not ideal it would provide me an opportunity

to address the Battalion, as a whole, in the best possible Covid friendly way. Details

on how to join appear later in BRO’s, in the email link or you can contact the BTO for

details on how to join.

Covid continues to disrupt our activities but some fantastic work is going on behind

the scenes, our PSS, although unseen, continue to support the Battalion for our return

to training. SCIC, AIC and Range courses are in planning stages to follow, either

online or blended learning format in the near future. There have also been some

welcome changes to TOPL and Exped, again making that return to training all the

easier. Let us do our part and get both our cadets and ourselves ready for that return


My focus just now, has to be upon Annual Camp, and whilst it occurring may be

uncertain, I am resolute in that if we can do something, then we will do something.

That needs your help. There is an Annual Camp Calling notice attached. Please

complete honestly and return it. If you can attend camp that would aid greatly. If you

can’t, then be honest and say so, I do understand. What I need is clarity in order to

put in motion the best and safest possible plan for cadets and adults attending.

I know that times are hard currently and that its possible some among us may well be

struggling, even if it is only a little. We are a family. Help is available and is strictly

confidential. Please, if you need assistance then get in touch with the CEO who can

guide you through the process of getting assistance either via the ACFA hardship fund

or through another method.

Stay safe and I look forward to seeing you all at the Conference.

Col T