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Merry Christmas - A Musical Celebration!

Merry Christmas - A Musical Celebration!

25 December 2020

  • Gwent And Powys ACF

‘Twas the first day of Christmas across G&P,

Families gathered virtually around their trees,

They’d spent time making their homes look festive and bright,

With tinsel and baubles and twinkling lights.

The traditional meal, or a twist, who would know?

It had been a strange year, so certainly anything goes!

Christmas traditions, the complete full works,

Complete with sprouts - just one of the perks!

Across the county, celebrations had been planned,

Bringing families together virtually across the land,

Christmas extravanganzas, food, games and fun,

From pizza to turkey, the festivities had begun!

Families joining together with excitement and cheer,

To celebrate Christmas and the end of a very strange year!

After filling themselves with food galore,

They’re now settling down for an evening of more!

Did Santa arrive after checking his lists?

To reward their commitment and hard work with gifts?

The cadets were all safe, their list was the ‘nice’,

For the Adult Instructors, well, he had to think twice!

The hard work was over, the year at a close,

What would next year bring? No-one yet knows!

It’s a time to look back on all of the fun,

And celebrate everything G&P has done.

There’s been training and testing and star passes galore,

Competitions and trophies, and so much more!

Virtual training, qualifications gained,

It’s been very different, but they never complained!

We’ve had to adapt, find new ways to train,

We’ve become experts at ‘zooming’, and ‘teams’ kept us sane,

Those virtual sessions have kept us together,

Our G&P family, together forever.

So, Adults, Cadets, families and friends,

As you spend time together at this year’s end,

We hope that we’ve brought you some memories to share,

As you celebrate Christmas with those for whom you care.

From everyone at G&P, we’d like to say,

We wish you well, this special day,

Relax and enjoy, the family, sounds and sights,

Merry Christmas to you all, and to you all a good night!