Mental Health Awareness Week 2022 Dorset ACF


Mental Health Awareness Week 9-15 May 2022


11 May 2022

  • Dorset ACF


For this years Mental Health Awareness Week The Mental Health Foundation ( are raising awareness of the impact of loneliness on our mental health and the practical steps we can take to address it.

Dealing with loneliness can be difficult and many of us have had our lives severely impacted by the pandemic. The Mental Health Foundation have some coping strategies that you may find useful. We will look at 5 ways that being in the ACF can help:

1. Try to do some enjoyable things that will keep you busy

If you are an An Army Cadet or Adult Instructor then having that as a hobby really helps. You could also think about taking part in ACF sports or doing some hiking with friends to prepare you for your Expeditions.

2. Try to do things that stimulate your minds

Perhaps think about doing the idea award ( which is a digital enterprise skills award which will definitely get you thinking! Or something more relaxing such as listening to a podcast. The Centre for Army leadership has a very good podcast or perhaps a mindfulness podcast? There are many subjects to choose from!

3. Think about doing a physical activity

Within cadets we have our keeping active syllabus but there is also plenty of opportunity to do Cadet Sports or even Adventurous training! Closer to home perhaps start the couch to 5k which is a free app or even try your hand at something new such as orienteering or indoor climbing?

4. Try to engage with the people you meet in daily life

It is not always easy communicating with others when you are lonely but try and reach out at least once a day with a hi or even a smile to someone. By doing this you may even make a positive impact on someone else's day too.

5. Find people that "get you"

Being a Cadet or an Adult instructor in the ACF means that you are already part of a group that all enjoy something in common. You may have friends that enjoy the same activities, music or food as you, so value those connections!

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