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Meet our New Regimental Sergeant Major Instructor!

In March this year the baton, or should I say pace stick was passed from the outgoing Essex RSMI to RSMI Stuart Little, our former Drum Major.

Meet our New Regimental Sergeant Major Instructor!

12 May 2022

  • Essex ACF

Stuart’s interest in the Army Cadets started at a young age as a Cadet in Essex at Chelmsford detachment in the 1980’s. During his time in the ACF his interest in the Army grew and he joined the Regular Army serving as an Infantryman in the Royal Anglian Regiment.

In 1991 Private Little began his 11-year service career as a ‘Poacher’ in the Second Battalion where he partook in a number of tours including Cyprus, Germany, and Bosnia. During his time as a regular soldier he became driver for Colonel Richard Kemp CBE, who was at that time, the Battalion Commander.

A few years after Mr Little left the Regular Army, he met some former cadet friends, now cadet adult instructors and was soon persuaded to join back up with the Essex Army Cadet Force and found himself parading as a Sergeant Instructor at Chelmsford Detachment.

A short while later SI Little became the Detachment Commander at Dunmow before returning once again to Chelmsford where he helped to form the Essex Corps of drum in 2012. He went on to become the Drum Major, leading the Corps of Drums as they performed in many events including The Menin Gate, various military tattoos, playing on Bird Cage Walk, and leading the Royal Anglian’s and Essex Regiment out at events around the UK.

During his cadet volunteering career Mr Little worked for RFCA as the storeman and transport officer for Essex ACF, before leaving to pursue a career in facilities and events management.

In March this year RSMI Little proudly took over this flagship roll for Essex ACF and has a great vision for how he can help the Commandant achieve his aims:

“Standardise training and bolster adult engagement so that both cadets and adults get more from their ACF experience and have the opportunity to further their life skills during their time in the Cadet force”

RSMI Little has a strong belief that Cadet Force activities also help to develop our Instructors as well as being of huge benefit to our cadets.

The RSMI is ambitions to learn and grow during his tenure and looks forward to developing both himself and the County over the next few years.