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Major Kenny Pickering MBE

CNE OC Major Pickering has been awarded his MBE by the Lord Lieutenant of Norfolk

Major Kenny Pickering MBE

18 May 2022

  • Norfolk ACF

In 2021 Norfolk ACF had a fantastic surprise in the New Years honours list. In 2021 new honours were bestowed upon such celebrities as; Lula, Jonathan Pryce, Prue Leith and Roy Hodgson. Along with those prestigious names is a local Norfolk Army Cadet CFAV, Major Kenny Pickering.

The Queen’s Birthday Honours List demonstrates the extraordinary efforts made by individuals in all four nations of the United Kingdom. Major Pickering is the Officer Commanding for one of Norfolk’s three subunits, Cadet Norfolk Engineers. Major Pickering MBE joined the ACF as an adult volunteer in 1975 after completing several years as a cadet in Watton detachment, originally joining Norfolk ACF in 1970. Since 1975, Major Pickering has completed most roles at detachment and squadron level rising to county and most currently commanding CNE Squadron. Norfolk ACF is extremely proud of Major Pickering and what he continues to bring to the organisation. His constant professionalism, excellent judgment, experience and commitment to the ACF is second to none. Well Done Major Pickering MBE!

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