Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet Sgt. Rice Performs His First Duties

Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet Sgt. Rice Performs His First Duties

12 November 2020

  • Cambridgeshire ACF

Another of our new Lord Lieutenant’s Cadets started performing his first duties just before the latest lockdown began- this time it was the turn of Sgt Charlie Rice from Whittlesey Detachment.

Photocentric Managing Director Paul Holt speaks at the ceremony on 3rd November (pre-lockdown). The High Sheriff, Brigadier Tim Seal, TD DL is on the left, Sgt Rice second from left, and Lord Lieutenant Mrs Julie Spence OBE QPM is at the right.

On the 3rd of November he had the honour of escorting the Lord Lieutenant Mrs Julie Spence OBE QPM around Photocentric, in Peterborough, where the company was given The Queen’s Award for Innovation. Photocentric is a 3D printing company that has been honoured with multiple previous awards. Sgt Rice assisted during the awards ceremony and held the appointment scroll for The Lord Lieutenant to read. He then accompanied The Lord Lieutenant on a tour of the facility. Sgt Rice said; ‘Photocentric does amazing work in the 3D printing industry, and I learned a lot about how the company helped produce products to help with the Covid-19 pandemic.’

Sgt Rice receiving his Bronze Duke of Edinburgh's Award from Vice Lord Lieutenant Richard Barnwell DL in October 2019. Picture; Doug Stuart

The appointment as Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet is for one year, and the duties are to accompany the Lord Lieutenant and assist her with her ceremonial duties. Fellow Lord Lieutenant's Cadet Cameron-Wickes performed his first duties on 23rd October, and Sgt Jack Badcock will begin his when circumstances allow.

Sgt Rice joined the ACF in September 2016 at Whittlesey detachment, aged 12. His cadet career so far has been extremely successful and had many highlights. These include exceptional performances in several Intercompany First Aid Competitions, being chosen for the County Clay Pigeon Team and completing his Senior Cadet Instructors Cadre at Beckingham. In June 2019 he was awarded the Commandant's Coin of Excellence for raising nearly £2000 for No.1 Coy by completing a sponsored 13-mile kit carry. He has taken on a teaching role not only at detachment, but at Company level as well.

Sgt. Rice instructing other cadets in handling the L98A2 rifle, February 2020. Picture; Doug Stuart

Sgt Rice is extremely enthusiastic about the ACF, the opportunities it has already given him, and is eagerly looking forward to those yet to come.

He said; ‘When I became a Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet I felt honoured, as it’s a highlight of a cadet’s career if they get this appointment. I cannot wait to see what the future holds with all the amazing opportunities ahead of me.’

Text by PI Doug Stuart