16 February 2021

  • Dyfed And Glamorgan ACF
  • Cdt RSM Nedin


  • AUO Emma Watson

    AUO Emma Watson

  • Lt Clare A Hearne

    Lt Clare AHearne

  • Cdt CSM Mitchell Brooks

    Cdt CSM M Brooks

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Earlier this Month, RFCA hosted the annual awards ceremony for Her Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant of West Glamorgan Mrs Louise Fleet. Due to the current restrictions, this years presentations were done virtually and members of B (Rorke’s Drift) Company were recognised for their outstanding commitment and dedication to the Army Cadet Force. Those presented with awards are as follows:

Lt Clare Ahearne who has a number of roles within the county and company was awarded the Lord Lieutenant’s Certificate of Merit. Lt Ahearne is the County First Aid Training Officer, a Company Training Officer and works tirelessly to ensure both cadets and adults achieve CVQO qualifications. The citation read:

Lieutenant Clare A’Hearne has been a cadet force adult volunteer since 2013 and has previous service of approx. 5 years. Lt Ahearne is currently the County First Aid Officer as well as being appointed Assistant Company Training Officer. Both roles require her to spend a lot of time developing and enhancing programmes for the cadet experience. The Assistant Company Training Officer role is quite demanding and often takes a considerable amount of time where she updates the cadet star passes and vocational qualifications to maximise the opportunities for young people.

Lt Ahearne parades once a week at Company Headquarters however more often than not, spends a considerable amount of time in her house planning and dedicating her time to the next session and upcoming events. Lt Ahearne monitors the progression of new adults coming into the system, offering peer mentoring and ad-hoc training required in order for them to be assessed.

Over the last ten months Lt A’Hearne has been instrumental in developing a virtual based training programme which has been delivered using a number of online platforms. By coordinating the Company’s response in relation to the Pandemic and ensuring the cadets continue to progress in the syllabus and keep the flame alive. She is a popular instructor within the company and county, she gets the best out of her fellow instructors and cadets. Lt A’Hearne is diligent, hardworking, reliable and an inspiration to all. She upholds the Army Cadet Force Values and Standards and is an exemplary member of staff. Lt A’Hearne goes above and beyond in any role or tasking she is given.

Lt A’Hearne is an excellent leader and has enhanced the cadet experience within the Company and the County, therefore I recommend that Lt A’Hearne be considered for the Lord Lieutenant’s Certificate of Merit for her contribution to the Army Cadet Force.

AUO Emma Watson who is the Detachment Commander of Gorseinon and the Company PR Officer was also awarded the Lord Lieutenant’s Certificate of Merit. AUO Watson is a key player in the company and has worked extremely hard over the years. The citation read:

Adult Under Officer Emma Watson has been a Cadet Force Adult Volunteer since 2013 and is currently the Detachment Commander of Gorseinon Detachment and the Company Public Relations Officer (PRO). AUO Watson joined the Army Cadet Force after serving in the Regular Army. AUO Watson has completed a range of courses and carried out a number of roles with different elements of responsibility across the Company and County, continually showing her commitment and dedication to both the Company and the County as a whole.

AUO was originally posted to The Grange Detachment in July 2013. After being in the Detachment for three years, she moved to Morriston Detachment as the Detachment Second in Command in October 2016. In 2019, AUO Watson was appointed as Detachment Commander of Gorseinon where she has shown strong management and leadership skills that have developed the adults and cadets under her control. During this time, she has built strong relationships within the Detachment and enhanced the number of cadets in attendance, which continues to go from strength to strength with over forty-five cadets enrolled. In addition to her main role, she is the Company PRO, so often parades two or three times a week. AUO Watson works tirelessly in the background ensuring that the Company is at the forefront on Social Media. She is constantly developing new media and literature to promote the Army Cadet Force throughout Swansea and Neath. This has proven to be effective as the Company is the largest in the County with over 240 young people involved in the organisation. She is a prime example to others that hard work and dedication can improve self-esteem, promote self-reliance and provides the cadets the ability to achieve at all ages. I therefore recommend that AUO Watson be considered for the Lord Lieutenant’s Certificate of Merit for her contribution to the Army Cadet Force.

In addition to Adult Volunteers getting the Certificates of Merit, Cadet Company Sergeant Major (CSM) Mitchell Brooks from Morriston Detachment, B (Rorke’s Drift) Company was Presented with a Certificate and Badge for his service as the Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet of West Glamorgan for 2020. Mrs Louise Fleet thanked Mitchell for his service in what had been a very difficult year for everyone. With Cadet CSM Mitchell Brooks finishing his time as the LL Cadet, Mrs Louise Fleet appointed a New Cadet for this year.

Cadet Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) Jessica Nedin also from Morriston Detachment, B (Rorke’s Drift) Company was appointed the Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet of West Glamorgan for 2021. The Citation read:

Cadet Regimental Sergeant Major Jessica Nedin is a member of Morriston Detachment B (Rorke’s Drift) Company, Dyfed and Glamorgan Army Cadet force. In the four years that she has been enrolled in the Army Cadet Force RSM Nedin has worked extremely hard to achieve all aims and tasks that have been set for her. She takes her role of a senior Cadet NCO very serious and is an asset to both her Detachment and Company. She’s an excellent role model for the junior Cadets to follow and always leads by example.

RSM Nedin passed her 4 Star by attending the Senior Cadet Instructors Cadre and passing 4 star progressive subjects in Expedition, drill and first aid. In 2019 Jess was selected to represent the County in the Cadet Cambrian Patrol competition, and the Regional First Aid competition, she and her team did exceptionally well and brought home various medals and trophies. In the same year RSM Nedin also represented Wales in the National ACF Rugby Competition, bringing home additional medals and trophies.

RSM Nedin has a natural talent when it comes to shooting, she has represented the Detachment and company in many competitions over the years. In early 2020 Jessica and her team came second in the County Small Bore Competition, winning the silver medals. RSM Nedin’s enthusiasm is infectious. She encourages and inspires both Senior and Junior cadets in all activities and has been a driving force within the Senior Cadet cohort during the period of virtual engagement. Jessica’s organization and motivation has been instrumental in the success of the Senior Cadet led activities during the pandemic, showing she is a natural leader. RSM Nedin also committed herself to attending County level virtual training as a mentor to support Cadets training at 3 and 4 star.

During the past year, Jessica signed up to the Royal College of Nursing Prince of Wales Nursing scheme, engaging through virtual training, in addition to this Jessica completed her BTEC in Teamwork and Personal Development via CVQO. She demonstrated a high level of commitment to her own personal development as well as supporting and helping others. In a period of uncertainty, RSM Nedin has truly embraced every opportunity and challenge, showing a great level of dedication, commitment and maturity. Throughout her Cadet career RSM Nedin has helped raise large amounts of money for various charities and organizations, mainly the RBL Poppy Appeal, ABF and Walking With The Wounded. Jessica is a key player during the period of Remembrance, she gives up many evenings and weekends to collect at various superstores across Swansea and also carries the Welsh National Standard at all public events in the City. RSM Nedin represented the ACF to an extremely high standard and was commended for her conduct from Senior Officers and dignitaries. As a thank you for her hard work, Jess was invited to the Lord Mayors Mansion for afternoon tea.

RSM Nedin started 2020 very well, she completed her SCIC and also achieved her Silver DofE Award. Jessica enjoyed doing the DofE and is now working towards her Gold Award. RSM Nedin was also booked to attend a Cadet Leadership Course in April 2020, however this was cancelled due to the pandemic and she is hoping this can be completed in the near future, the master cadet courses were also cancelled due to the ongoing restrictions. However Jess completed and passed a virtual Master Cadet Board and has now been awarded Master Cadet Status.RSM Nedin has played a key role in the organization and has demonstrated the values and standards of the ACF to an exceptionally high level. Her commitment has been unquestionable and she is an excellent role model for younger cadets and also her peers. Due to her commendable conduct and dedication, I strongly recommend that RSM Nedin is appointed as Lord Lieutenants Cadet for West Glamorgan for the year 2021.

Congratulations to all recipients on their awards, they are truly deserved!

If you missed it live, follow the link to watch RFCA’s first ever virtual awards ceremony for HM Lord-Lieutenant of West Glamorgan Mrs Louise Fleet JP #LLAwards2021 https://youtu.be/mwsqybDqBjg