Lord Lieutenant's Awards at Waterbeach

Lord Lieutenant's Awards at Waterbeach

28 June 2021

  • Cambridgeshire ACF

On Thursday 24th June, we were delighted to receive HM Lord Lieutenant for Cambridgeshire, Mrs Julie Spence, OBE, QPM at our headquarters, to present awards and certificates to members of the Armed Forces and Cadet organisations in a socially distanced ceremony.

The ceremony was presented by Cambs ACF CEO Major Hammond, with assistance from Babs Day. Picture: Doug Stuart.

2 Company Staff Officer Captain Tony Blake of Cambs ACF, was awarded a Lord Lieutenant’s Certificate for his decades of service as a Cadet Force Adult Volunteer. He has served as a Detachment Commander as well as taking on Company-level roles including Company Sergeant Major (CSM) and Duke of Edinburgh's Award Representative. He has constantly sought wider involvement across the county, preparing cadets for competitions and advanced training, as well as providing them with opportunities to meet and train with Reserve Forces personnel.

He has proved himself to be an exceptional member of staff, who is also willing to undertake the less glamorous but crucial tasks that enable a Cadet detachment to operate successfully. He is frequently engaged in cadet activities on two or more evenings per week in addition to regular weekend training activities. His commitment has extended also to his adult volunteers, encouraging them to secure the relevant training qualifications in important subjects such as Skill at Arms. The Company's capacity to deliver training to the cadets has been enhanced as a consequence of his enduring enthusiasm, determination and tenacity.

Captain Blake receives his award. Picture: Doug Stuart

Cadet Warrant Officer Alex Braybrook has become a Lord Lieutenant's Cadet. He has been an Air Cadet for over 5 years and has enjoyed every moment of his cadet career. He has undertaken a wide range of activities, including leadership, sports, shooting, road marching, music, first aid, radio, cyber and classification training. He has already attained Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh's Awards and a BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Aviation Studies.

He was selected for a Flying Scholarship which he undertook at Tayside Aviation. He then went on to gain his private pilot's licence, and is applying to become a pilot with the RAF. He was successful at the hugely selective and testing Qualified Aviation Instructor Cadet course, and was involved in the National Aerospace Camp in 2018, as well as delivering Wing aerospace training courses. During the lockdowns he has utilised his knowledge for the benefit of his cadets, and has run a 12 week ground school and currently teaches aviation subjects at Master Cadet level. Alex has consistently supported the Mayor's charity events, civic parades and fundraisers for service and other charities. He has proved himself to be a role model who has helped to inspire the next generation of cadets.

Cdt WO Braybrook's award was collected on his behalf by Wg Cdr A J Kelly, OC Beds & Cambs Wing ATC. Picture: Doug Stuart

Able Cadet Black has become a Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet. She joined the Sea Cadet Corps at Wisbech Unit in December 2017, and has repeatedly proved herself to be a highly motivated cadet. From the beginning of this pandemic, she has shown great commitment and loyalty to her unit and pushed herself to achieve as much as possible, adapting well to the virtual training platform and encouraging her peers to do likewise. She has also taken part of the Eastern Area Cadet Forum, representing the voice of her peers and feeding information back at local level. She has helped recruit, train and support her unit and fellow cadets, and will be a fantastic ambassador for both the Sea Cadets and the Lord Lieutenant.

Able Cadet Black receives her award. Picture: Doug Stuart

SSI Richard Annis was awarded a Lord Lieutenant's Certificate and a third bar to his Cadet Forces Medal. SSI Annis has been an Adult Volunteer with Cambridgeshire ACF since 1986 and prior to that, a cadet himself. He served as Detachment Commander in both St Ives and Huntingdon and performed a number of other roles within his Company. His primary focus has been to provide a high standard of training and pastoral care for his cadets. This has enabled the cadets to benefit not only in terms of military training, but in the importance of developing into confident and decent members of society. Moreover, he has constantly demonstrated an attentiveness and a willingness to listen to his cadets.

SSI Annis has always utilised his extensive experience particularly effectively. In addition to his direct engagement with the cadets, he has assisted a number of other detachment Commanders in the delivery of training. Like Captain Blake, he has also been willing to engage in the unglamorous but essential administration that enables a detachment to function. Such tasks can include the management of uniform and equipment and the maintenance of company accounts. In all of the roles that he has undertaken, SSI Annis's commitment and loyalty has remained unwavering. His desire to ensure that every cadet gives their best at all times is a trait that is highly valued and appreciated by all who work with him.

SSI Annis receives his award. Picture: Doug Stuart.

Major William Ricardo Windas was awarded a Lord Lieutenant's Certificate. Major Windas joined the Territorial Army in 1987 and is a loyal, dedicated and thoroughly professional officer. He career has been varied and challenging: after joining the Royal Corps of Transport, he was commissioned in July 1988. His first appointment was as a troop commander with 218 Squadron in Hull, where he won plaudits from his Officer Commanding. He served with the UKMF and the original 155 Transport Regiment, the commanded 395 Air Despatch Troop at RAF Lyneham. There then followed a period serving with 63 (SAS) Signal Squadron in Thorney Island. He served as the 2IC of 216 Squadron in Tynemouth and then as OC 523 (HQ) Squadron, which included the RLC TA Band. He went on to command 218 (East Riding) Transport Squadron and 150 (N) Transport Regiment RLC (V). From there he moved to Sheffield University Officers Training Corps as Regimental 2IC then onto Grantham, first with 3 Logistic Support Group and then as Chief of Staff of the Operational Headquarters Support Group. Maj Windas assumed command of 162 Squadron, 254 Medical Regiment in October 2012 and thereafter was selected as Second in Command 254 Medical regiment.

Major Windas has deployed on military operations to Iraq where he was employed as the G3 Operations Support Officer with the 9/12 Lancers. He worked tirelessly to make a difference whilst in Iraq, and drew praise from his senior officers for his efforts. More recently he has attended the Brigade Battle Planning Course and Joint Military Medical Operational Planning Course. In peacetime he has deployed with the Army Reserve all over the world supporting many exercises and training events.

As the Regimental Second in Command, he has delivered in all areas. He ensures that the best interests of the officers and soldiers are fully met. He has used his extensive experience to manage the Regiment’s officer development, ensuring they have an effective, well trained and motivated cohort of officers. He represents the Army in Motor Cycling and encourages others to try out new initiatives and sports. In short, he has proved himself to be an outstanding and inspirational servant to the Army Reserve.

Major Windas receives his award with a contact-less hand shake. Picture: Doug Stuart

Sergeant Kevin Jones was awarded a Lord Lieutenant's Certificate. He has proved himself to be an exceptional member of the armed forces over a period of 42 years. He is currently employed as the MT SNCO for 163 Medical Support Squadron based in Cambridge. Sgt Jones career began as a private soldier in 1979, as a Royal Corps of Transport Junior Leader, after which he was posted to 47 Air Dispatch Squadron. He served in The Falklands War, and in 1985 he moved to the Ariel Delivery Section (JATE) at Brize Norton where he was employed as a dispatcher with the Hercules fleet. Sgt Jones also deployed to Bosnia where he provided peacekeeping duties. In peace time, he has deployed on numerous exercises and missions and has served in the United Kingdom, Ethiopia, Germany, Norway and America. In 1987 Sgt Jones left the regular Army and joined 254 Medical Regiment, and whilst with the Regiment his service and dedication resulted in him being voted ‘Soldier of the Year’. His impressive trade knowledge and unique ability to problem solve soon led to promotion, always leading from the front. Sgt Jones then moved to a full time Reserve Service post within the regiment, employed as the MT SNCO.

As the MT SNCO, he has delivered in all areas, a respected and valued member of the squadron's senior management team, he works hard to ensure that the regiments fleet of vehicles are fully prepared and ready to deploy if the need requires. He is responsible for all the regimental driver training and often organises training this is testing and enjoyable. He is a methodical and determined professional, and involves himself in the planning and delivery of all squadron and regimental training events. He also gets involved in charity events and delivers toys to the children's ward at Addenbrookes twice a year as part of the motorcycle based 'Big Ride' Christmas and Easter Bunny events.

His service to the Army Reserve cannot be underestimated, and he has fully immersed himself in wider squadron, regimental and local community events and is always the first to volunteer for extra curricula events. His service and enthusiasm have been truly exceptional, and he is an inspiration to all that know and follow him.

Sgt Jones receives his award. Picture: Doug Stuart

Captain Ben Parker was awarded a Lord Lieutenant's Certificate. He is currently a Volunteer Reservist with 158 Regiment RLC, based in Peterborough, having previously served as a Regular Officer. In 2020 he was mobilised in support of the United Kingdom's efforts to tackle the impact of the coronavirus. For the duration of his deployment, Capt Parker was employed as the commander of a COVID-19 Mobile Testing Unit.

With little notice and much uncertainty, Capt Parker arrived with COVID Support Force 9 as one of the initial cohort of Mobile Testing Unit commanders attached to 7 Regiment RLC. In a little over 48hrs thanks to his forward thinking, ability to aggressively drive training and foster team cohesion, his Mobile Testing Unit deployed as one of the leading elements delivering immediate effect. Intelligent, articulate and utterly dependable, Capt Parker soon marked himself out as a leader who was more than a match for the rigours of operating in an ever-changing landscape.

Good humoured, proactive and possessing the highest levels of lateral and emotional intelligence, Capt Parker won widespread praise for the professionalism of his team and himself personally from the Commanders of both JMC(E) and 7 Brigade; what truly marked him apart from his peers was the ease with which he balanced the needs of his team with the unrelenting, often evolving requirements placed upon him by successive 1 * and 2* headquarters. A standard bearer for both his Regiment and the Army Reserve as a whole, he has absolutely demonstrated the immeasurable value that the Army Reserve offers.

Captain Parker receives his award. Picture: Doug Stuart

Warrant Officer Class 1, Ian Turner was awarded a Lord Lieutenant's Certificate. He is currently employed as the ReMSO for 163 Medical Support Squadron based in Cambridge. WO1 Turner's career began as a private soldier in 1978, joining the 1st Battalion, Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, until 1993, finally leaving them after a distinguished career as a highly respected Senior NCO. Whilst with the Fusiliers, he deployed on military operations to Northern Ireland under Op BANNER on 6 different occasions between 1981 and 1988. He also deployed with the United Nations to Cyprus where he provided peacekeeping duties. In peace time, he has deployed on numerous exercises and has served in the United Kingdom, Kenya, Canada, Bruni, Belize, Germany Gibraltar and America. His impressive training portfolio is second to none and includes Sniper training, Jungle Warfare and Long Range Reconnaissance. A natural instructor, he was chosen to instruct at Sandhurst and at the Infantry battle School. WO1 Turner then moved to Northumbria University Training Corps where his vast knowledge was used to great effect. Leaving the UOTC in 1997 WO1 Turner joined the Military Provost Guard Service, he proved highly successful and finished as the most senior Warrant Officer in the MPGS, an accolade that only the very best achieve. After leaving the MPGS, WO1 Turner joined the Army reserve and for the past 6 years he has been employed as the ReMSO, 163 Medical Support Squadron, 254 Medical Regiment.

He has effectively and skillfully managed all squadron recruitment activities, often working long hours and weekends. He has forged very strong links with no less than six NHS trusts and is welcomed at the very highest level when visiting hospitals to promote the Army Reserve.

As well as being a natural mentor to other Reservists, WO1 Turner is a font of knowledge, has vast experience, a sensible attitude and intelligent approach to all his tasks. He has been instrumental in improving the regimental recruiting effort making it more accessible, accountable and auditable. He has worked tirelessly to promote the Army Reserve and his engaging and helpful persona has been key to retaining and motivating the Regiment’s soldiers.

WO1 Turner receives his award with a contact-less hand shake. Picture: Doug Stuart

Flight Sergeant Nick Buckle was awarded a Lord Lieutenant's Certificate. FS Buckle has for the past 9.5 years been an Air Cadet adult volunteer at 2484 (Bassingbourn) Squadron, after having completed his own highly successful service as a cadet. This was most notable in the sports arena, where he represented the Wing and Region on numerous occasions at all sports. He has developed exceptional skill, knowledge and experience as a uniformed member of staff and gained qualifications in sports, adventure training and as a drill instructor.

He uses these skills in his role as Squadron Warrant Officer on a large and successful unit, and also serves as Deputy Unit Commander. In addition to these significant responsibilities, FS Buckle also is the air cadet liaison officer with Bassingbourn Barracks, enabling cadets from the Western Sector of the Wing to undertake (pre-Covid) residential activities such as initial expedition training, fieldcraft and first aid courses.

His most extraordinary achievements revolve around his role as the Wing Deputy Sports Officer, a role which he effectively created. He has developed a Wing Sports Council that includes sporting category leads, the qualifying of staff, and the utilisation of Staff Cadets in the delivery of this popular cadet activity.

As team manager, he has inspired the Wing Teams to enter all inter-wing events with passion and a strong competitive spirt, and has amassed a large amount of silverware in the process. His organisation and support of cadets with sports has also seen a number of them go onto personal success at all levels within the organisation. FS Buckle has merged his love of sport and adventurous activity with his dedication to duty and service, resulting in him becoming an inspirational leader within the Wing.

FS Buckle receives his award. Picture: Doug Stuart

Warrant Officer Brian Goodall was awarded a Lord Lieutenant's Certificate. WO Goodall initially volunteered as a civilian instructor at 1220 (March) Squadron in September 2005 where, alongside his musical knowledge (an asset to the squadron band), he developed a love of shooting. This enabled 1220 to rise to a position of pre-eminence in both areas, which has been maintained throughout his time there. Within 2 years he had become an integral staff member and took two paces forward to become an adult sergeant in 2007.

Over the course of the next 8 years he continued to develop his skills and qualifications and remained a bedrock staff member of 1220, assisting in all areas of the squadron. He was promoted to Flight Sergeant in 2011 and Warrant Officer in 2016. 1220 Squadron has been at the top of the tree for cadet achievements throughout his tenure, and this is in no small part to his continuing dedication and commitment. There are literally hundreds of young people that have achieved significant accolades including Gold Duke of Edinburgh's Awards, Wing cadets of the year and of course Lord Lieutenant's cadets because of his continued and consistent support to them.

Additionally, he has over many years also been an important leader of sector and wing based activity. This is most notable in his key loves of music and shooting. This saw wing teams achieve national level awards in both areas. In 2014 he was awarded a Wing Commander's Commendation for his achievements in both areas across the wing.

WO Goodall receives his award. Picture: Doug Stuart

The Lord Lieutenant thanked all the award winners for their outstanding contributions to their respective organisations, particularly noting the armed forces' recent role in fighting the Covid pandemic and the respect that has been won from the general public.

Text edited by PI Doug Stuart based on biographies written by Wing Commander AJ Kelly FCMI RAFCA, SLt Jade Merson RNR, Major Sandy Grogan ACF, Major J Annis ACF and Lt Col RJ Futter, RLC.

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