Lord Lieutenant's Awards Recognise Cadet Forces' in…

Recognition for Members of the Cadet Forces across Cambridgeshire.

Lord Lieutenant's Awards Recognise Cadet Forces' in Cambridgeshire

26 June 2023

  • Cambridgeshire ACF

On Thursday 15th June, members of the Cadet Forces and families and friends gathered at Waterbeach Cadet Training Centre for the Lord Lieutenant's awards, presented by HM Lord Lieutenant Mrs Julie Spence OBE QPM. The awards consisted of the Lord Lieutenant's Certificate, presented for outstanding service, an aditional bar for a long service medal, and the highly prestigious title of Lord Lieutenant's Cadet, which allows the chosen cadets to accompany the Lord Lieutenant and help with her ceremonial duties.


Lord Lieutenant's Cadet CSM Killgallen.

Cadet Company Sergeant Major Ben Killgallen became a Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet. Cdt CSM Killgallen has excelled himself during his time with Cambridgeshire ACF. Since joining Fletton Detachment in 2017, he has maintained an exemplary attendance record over the last 6 years, attending weekly parades and all the weekend training open to him. His dedication to the Company saw him promoted to the rank of Cadet CSM last year. When he attended the interview board for this role he excelled: being able to answer all questions with knowledge and understanding. His dedication to the County cannot be faulted, he is a good leader and younger cadets listen to him. Cdt CSM Killgallen pushes himself hard and is a fantastic role model for others by inspring them to achieve as much as possible. He has a very good understanding of how he can help support other cadets, and how to talk to adult instructors too. Cadet CSM Killgallen is an outstanding young man who exemplifies the values of the ACF. He is looking to join the Army, and this will be a fantastic opportunity for him to show his full potential.


Lord Lieutenant's Cadet LC Sharp.

Leading Cadet Beth Sharp of the Sea Cadets became a Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet. She has been an excellent example to the younger cadets with her willingness to help others, sacrificing opportunities of her own to assist in supporting what benefits others. She is always first to volunteer for any task and leads from the front. She is a determined yet approachable and likeable character who interacts well with both peers and adult volunteers. She is particularly proud of her uniform, always smart in appearance putting time and effort into making sure it is as perfect as possible. LC Sharp is partaking in the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme outside of the Corps and has recently gained the Silver Award through her school. A member of our Peterborough unit, she has also volunteered to parade on an additional evening to mentor and train cadets at Huntingdon. Her presence has helped the rank and leadership structure amongst the cadets and inspired a whole new group to achieve what she has. LC Sharp will be an excellent ambassador to both the Sea Cadets and the Lord Lieutenant, and we therefore submit her to the Lord Lieutenant as our preferred candidate.


Lord Lieutenant's Cadet Flt Sgt Banks.

Cadet Flight Sergeant Tahlia Banks of 2484 (Bassingbourn) Sqn ATC became a Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet. Cdt FS Banks was recently a candidate in the Wing's Cadet of the Year Competition for 2022, and Ct FS Banks produced an excellent and very credible performance amongst the other candidates. She has been very active at Squadron level, using her developed skillsets to help train the junior cadets through their initial training period. Her attendance at the squadron sets an example to others, and she assists in supporting the junior cadets through their formative years at the Squadron. Although still a cadet, Cdt FS Banks is key member of staff, assisting at a number of Squadron activities. A keen athlete, Ct FS Banks has represented her Squadron, Wing and Region across a number of sporting events. Cdt FS Banks is currently the Royal British Legion Youth County Banner Bearer for Cambridgeshire and attends events on their behalf on a regular basis. This has now allowed FS Banks the opportunity to deliver Banner drill training at the Squadron. Outside of the organisation, she is a school Prefect and volunteers as a school 'leader' and regularly works as backstage staff for school productions.


Lord Lieutenant's Cadet FS Munday.

Cadet Flight Sergeant James Munday of 1094 (Ely) Sqn ATC became a Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet. Cdt FS Munday is a role model for cadets, using his drive and determination to deliver training to cadets and assistance to staff across Beds & Cambs Wing ATC, especially in his preferred area of aviation. He is always smart and well turned out, with the pose and deportment that exemplifies the role of LLC. Cdt FS Munday was a finalist in the Wing's Cadet of the Year Competition for 2022. CWO Simpson's personal attitude, interaction and involvement during the competition showed he is an excellent candidate for the role. Having completed his Gold Doff Award in 2022, Cdt FS Munday is using his experiences across all levels to publicise the DofE Award to the younger members of the Squadron. Cat F$ Munday is passionate about aviation. During his time in the organisation, Cot FS Munday has gained both gliding and flying 'wings'. In addition, he is one of a small group of air cadets who has gained his 'parachute' badge. Cdt FS Munday continues to develop himself whilst also assisting the Squadron Training Officer to deliver a meaningful training program. Cdt FS Munday epitomizes what being an Air Cadet is all about.


Lord Lieutenant's Cadet Sgt Miles.

Cadet Sergeant Lucy Miles became a Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet. She is a responsible, reliable young person who has become an exemplary cadet and has shown a strong commitment to attending public events as a representative of the ACF in a number of charity and fundraising events. Cdt Sgt Miles joined in 2018, and over the past 5 years has consistently paraded at Newmarket Detachment and prior to that Linton Detachment. She has developed to become a visible figure as a Detachment Senior NCO and within the Company, taking on the responsibility of teaching and supervising junior cadets. Cdt Sgt Miles ability to teach and engage with them has grown, and she recently completed the Senior Cadet Instructors Cadre, further cementing her role as a Senior Cadet and role model within the Company. Cdt Sgt Miles has very high standards in regard to uniform and leads by example: she doesn't let anything phase her, and always takes a challenge and completes it without any fuss.


SMI Roberts.

SMI Marcellus Roberts was awarded a Lord Lieutenant’s Certificate for his outstanding and dedicated service to the Corps of Drums (CoD) of No 4 Company, Cambridgeshire ACF. SMI Roberts has gone above and beyond to ensure that the CoD has maintained its true sense of duty. He has been the main driving force in ensuring his cadets get to where they need be no matter what, whether it be musical events or their camps, so that they can maintain and add to their skill level in Music. His dedicated service has included raising funds to support the Corps to obtain new equipment, and he has been instrumental in promoting its activities and ensuring continued support for the Corps of Drums within the County.


SSI Ken Venmore.

SSI Ken Venmore was awarded a Lord Lieutenant’s Certificate. He is the Detachment Commander at Walton, and regularly goes above and beyond for the cadets, attending all weekends as well Senior Cadet training and supporting other Companies. SSI Venmore is prepared to go the extra mile to make sure that cadets get can the best possible experience. He is a huge supporter of Combat Cadet, ensuring that cadets are well prepared for field training. As an ex-regular soldier, he draws on his prior knowledge and experience to pass onto our cadets. His knowledge and skills are fantastic; alongside SSI Worsley, he supported the creation of the Junior NCO training cadre which is delivered by other instructors across our ACF. He comes up with fantastic ideas to ensure that cadets learn skills that are not just for the ACF, but skills they can use for the rest of their lives. He is a highly respected member of the Company with adults and cadets alike.


SMI Guymer receives his certificate.


SMI Guymer receives his third bar to his medal.

SMI Russ Guymer was awarded the Lord Lieutenant’s Certificate and a third bar to his Cadet Forces Medal for long service. He has been a Cadet Force Adult Volunteer since 1993, and prior to that, was in Regular Service. The quality and length of his service has been appreciated deeply by both the cadets in his detachments and by his colleagues. He has served the Army Cadet Force both as an Instructor and as a Detachment Commander, and from 2009 has been employed as Company Professional Support Staff member for 1 Coy and then 2 Coy. In addition to his direct engagement with the cadets, he has assisted a number of other Detachment Commanders in the delivery of training. In all of his roles, SMI Guymer constancy and consistency of commitment has remained unwavering. His desire to ensure that every cadet gives their best, is a trait that is highly valued and appreciated. Cadet Forces thrive because of the long-service commitment of adults such as SMI Guymer. His loyalty, reliability and willingness to contribute for the benefit of others has endured for many years and are now worthy of wider recognition beyond the immediacy of his Company and County.


Mrs Emma Papworth.

Mrs Emma Papworth was awarded a Lord Lieutenant’s Certificate. Emma has been employed as the Unit Administration Officer at Cambridge University’s Royal Naval Unit for five years, and during this time has gone well beyond what is expected of someone employed within her role. She regularly works beyond her contracted hours when the Unit requires her assistance, be it during the working week, in the evening or during a training weekend. Emma will often give up time with her young family to work on an evening, she will assist the Unit with VIP visits, training evenings and will often sit on the Unit's Committee meeting, ensuring that the meeting runs smoothly and offering guidance on both procedural and financial matters. Emma is seen as an invaluable member of URNU Cambridge Headquarters, the wider URNU organisation, offering guidance and assistance to not only her own Unit, other Unit administrative staff and URNU Headquarters.

6 D2 A6475

SSI Chris Worsley (left).

SSI Chris Worsley was awarded a Lord Lieutenant’s Certificate. He previously served with the Royal Anglian Regiment, before becoming an Army Cadet Force Adult Instructor in 2018. During his time at Whittlesey Detachment he has had a huge impact on the cadets that he has instructed and lead. SSI Worsley goes above and beyond for all of his cadets within the Detachment and the company. His enthusiasm is fantastic, and the cadets really warm to him. He has in-depth knowledge and has also helped adults to improve their knowledge and understanding. He works incredibly hard supporting his Detachment Commander with detachment administration. SSI Worsley has also attended local events within Whittlesey to help promote the ACF as well as supporting the Poppy Appeal and Remembrance days. Alongside SSI Venmore, he has set up Junior NCO training for cadets within the Company, helping them to understand what is required for cadets to get promotions, including interview skills and the ability to work as part of a team and communicate effectively. He has become a Skill At Arms Instructor and provided training across the county. Similarly, he has also undertaken training in Training in a Built Up Area which will bring new experiences to cadets. He has helped other companies with their weekend training as well as county level senior cadet training, especially preparation for Combat Cadet. SSI Worsley is a vital part of the Company, and he has always got a smile on his face.


Flt Lt Norton.

Flight Lieutenant Peter Norton was awarded a Lord Lieutenant’s Certificate. Flight Lieutenant Fordham currently serves as the Officer Commanding 2417 (Newmarket) Squadron within Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire Wing of the Royal Air Force Air Cadets. He initially joined the Royal Air Force Air Cadets in March 1990 as a civilian instructor at 2529 (Burgess Hill) Squadron in West Sussex before establishing himself as a highly reliable and capable officer in Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire Wing. In November 2016 he moved to Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire Wing and took over as Officer Commanding 207 (Cranfield) Squadron in 2018. He then took the helm at 2417 (Newmarket) Squadron in October 2021. He took command of 2417 (Newmarket) Squadron as the unit recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic, inheriting low cadet numbers and a small staff team. Using his experience as both a Squadron Commander and Wing Staff Officer, he began the challenging task of stabilising the squadron before looking to grow the unit with new cadets. He set about encouraging his volunteers to learn new skills and supporting their personal development, and his leadership has seen the squadron go from strength to strength.


The Army Cadet awardees & colleagues.

Warrant Officer Darren Smith was awarded a Lord Lieutenant’s Certificate. He currently serves as the Wing Radio Officer for Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire Wing of the Royal Air Force Air Cadets, a role he has held since March 2018. In addition to this role, Smith regularly attends 51 (Orton) Squadron where he undertakes the role of Squadron Warrant Officer. As the Wing Radio Officer, he is responsible for the delivery of radio communications training to cadets, ensuring cadets from all backgrounds have the opportunity to learn about radio communications. Smith also regularly delivers training courses to his fellow Cadet Force Adult Volunteers to enable them to deliver training and assess locally. As a result of his actions, all Squadrons across Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire Wing have regular access to high quality radio training. Not content with just training those within the Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire Wing area, Smith regularly supports courses being delivered by the wider Central and East Region. For most, a Wing leadership role is their primary appointment, but Smith also regularly attends 51 (Orton) Squadron where he undertakes the role of Squadron Warrant Officer. He supports Squadron output in areas such as drill, ceremonial and marksmanship training. Smith is receptive to feedback and flexible to the training requirements of the cadets and volunteers he supports.


The Air Cadet awardees and colleagues.

Cadet Warrant Officer Matthew Simpson of 115 (Peterborough) Sqn Air Training Corps, became a Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet. CWO Simpson was recently a candidate in the Wing's Cadet of the Year Competition for 2022. CWO Simpson has used his position, not only as the most senior ranked cadet, but also as the Squadron Training Officer, to work as the focal point between the cadet cadre and the staff. He uses his experience to develop the junior cadets, and encourages everyone to take on every opportunity that is offered. His involvement and mentorship has helped the junior members of the Wing to become more confident members of the junior NCO cadre. In addition, CWO Simpson is currently undertaking the RAFAC Junior Leaders Course. As part of his fund-raising on behalf of Junior Leaders, CWO Simpson is undertaking a sponsored cycle ride around every ATC Squadron within the Wing. CO Simpson will use his Junior Leaders training at this year's Wing Easter Camp to provide fieldcraft training to cadets from across the Wing. CWO Simpson is currently the Mayor's Cadet for Peterborough and regularly supports the Mayor at events around Peterborough. CWO Simpson is an excellent example of the drive and determination of the top echelon of Beds & Cambs Wing ATC, and the wider Air Training Corps.

Photos by SI Emily White. Photo of SSI Worsley by SI Doug Stuart.