Lord Lieutenant of Kent Awards 2022

Lord Lieutenant of Kent Awards 2022

15 October 2022

  • Kent ACF
  • Lillie Belle Harris
  • Jonny Wilkins
  • Jayden Poullard
  • DH
  • BASH
  • JB
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Well done to everyone who received a Lord-Lieutenant of Kent award recently:

Lord Lieutenant's Cadets

Cadet Corporal Lillie-Belle Harris, Gillingham

Cadet Corporal Jonny Wilkins, Gillingham

Cadet Corporal Jayden Poullard, Whitstable

Lord Lieutenant's Meritorious Certificate

Staff Sergeant Instructor, David Hughes, St Mary's Bay

Captain Crendon Newens, CHQ

Major James Bilsland, OC D Coy

Well done all!