Lord Lieutenant achievement

A Company cadet awarded with the Lord Lieutenant award

Lord Lieutenant achievement

16 February 2021

  • Staffordshire & West Midlands (North Sector)

A Company’s very own Cadet Staff Sergeant Aldridge from West Bromwich detachment was honoured with being nominated and awarded the Lord Lieutenant.

Her DC SMI Chris Gavin wrote a lovely reflective review about her.

Cdt Staff Sergeant Jess Aldridge has never been your typical Cdt, most Cdts join the ACF and require confidence building to enable them to reach their full potential. However Jess was quite confident from the start, she had no trouble in making herself known and heard, much to the detrimental health of my ears.

The reason for Jess’s progression through her training comes simply from attending every camp she could. Showing great enthusiasm for everything she does. Other Cdts gravitate towards her because of her infectious positivity. She has worked hard and never shy’s away from anything that is asked of her, even if what is being asked is out of her comfort zone. She applies all her skills that have been taught and always delivers.

In short her hard work and selfless commitment is paying off. To reach the rank of Cdt Staff sergeant is an achievement in its own rights, however to be appointed Lord lieutenant Cdt and Cdt Company Sergeant Major is simply outstanding.

Keep up the good work and keep moving forward.

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  • Lord Lt 4 Cadet Staff Sergeant Aldridge receiving her award
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