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LNR visit the theatre in Berlin

After the horrors of Sachsenhousen it was time to understand how Berliners now accept everyone

LNR visit the theatre in Berlin

31 May 2019

  • Leicestershire Northamptonshire And Rutland ACF

"Vivid was an interesting show to watch... it told you how to respect others, love who you are and be yourself and don't be afraid!"

As part of our visit to Berlin we wanted the cadets and adults to witness the changes to the culture of Berlin. So as part of LNR's "Stepchange" actions it was decided to go to the theatre to see Vivid.

Vivid is performed in the Palast Theatre, this was one of the main theatres used by German Officers during WWII for their evening entertainment so it has a lot of history behind it. With the German Regime being against anything that was not deemed "normal" and "superior", whatever either of those labels mean, it is fitting that such a performance is now housed in this Theatre.

Vivid is about a young girl who get lost and becomes an android, half person and half machine. We then witness her journey into finding who she believes she is.

The show starts with the phrase "Who are you" it also ends with the same phrase: "Who are you"

This link takes you to the Palast website where there is a short clip of the show:

There is a complete journey through many different areas of life and it highlights what can be so simply overlooked as we travel through our life.

Both adults and cadets could not stop taking about the show as it made everyone really think about what they had seen and experienced, and "who they really were".

Comments from Cadets:

"Vivid was an experience I was really looking forward to more than most other things, presented as an abstract musical presentation it delivered so much more; it was an introspective journey into the definition of ones self and what ultimately defines you"

"The story of the show was very loose, but the message was clear, be ones self and understand others"

"Vivid meant a lot to me as it explained a lot into the importance to express your feelings, wants and needs. I personally struggle with this as a bisexual teen. This makes a lot of the acts have so much meaning and it made me personally connect and empathise with the characters and images shown"

Vivid was very good, it was telling you to be yourself and don't follow the crowd"

"My favourite thing was the Vivid show because of the variety of the message of finding yourself"

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