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Like mother Like Daughter

Among the Jubilee Medal recipients at camp was SMI Tracy Freeman and her Daughter SSI Jade Freeman

Like mother Like Daughter

10 August 2022

  • Essex ACF

SMI Tracy Freeman is the county Sports Officer for Essex ACF a role she has held for almost ten years. Along side this role she has also been the Staff Officer for HQ Company for the past three years. She joined the ACF as a volunteer in 2007.

She was among the over 50 Instructors in Essex to receive a Queens Platinum Jubilee Medal from our Commandant on the first formal parade of AC22.

Also receiving the same Medal was her Daughter SSI Jade Freeman, who became a volunteer in 2009 and for the last five years has been detachment commander at Wickford, whilst also being the C Coy Sports officer and D&I Officer.

Both ladies were immensely pleased to be recipients of the Queens Jubilee medal. Tracy's reaction to her medal and her daughters was to say "I am a proud mother happy to share this occasion with my daughter I am always immensely pleased with everything she has achieved in life both within and outside of the ACF"

48 Hours Earlier Jade had also received her Cadet Force Medal awarded for 12 years of service to the ACF. When asked how she felt in relation to the two medals she had received she replied "I am proud to complete 12 years with the ACF. In relation to my Jubilee Medal it's great to receive this along side my mother especially give how intertwined our Cadet career has been with the time spent working on sports for our Cadets".

The volunteers of Essex ACF are all proud of the work they put in for our young people. It was great to see so many of hard working instructors recognised on the first parade at camp.

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