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Juno Company Weekend May 2023

This weekend Juno Company took 119 Cadets on the ACS Weekend.

Juno Company Weekend May 2023

23 May 2023

  • Wiltshire ACF
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This weekend Juno Company took 119 Cadets on the ACS Weekend.

The Junior cadets camped out in the new county tents, at CTC Tilshead.

Throughout the weekend they took part in Paintballing, IR Taggers provided by SW CTT and learnt the fundamentals of Fieldcraft, in preparation for Annual Camp

The more senior Cadets took part in a fantastic Blank Firing Exercise on Salisbury Plain Training Area, near Earlstoke.

The weather for the weekend was perfect for any Field Training Exercise (FTX)

CADSAAM Presentation

Capt. Nicky Watts, the County Shooting Officer, presented the cadets who recently won the Southwest CADSAAM event in Yoxter, with framed team photos and engraved spoons.

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Final Parade

This weekend the final parade ended with a difference. This was taken by S/ Sgt Parker, a Juno Company Service Helper. Due to his upcoming deployment, he will be working away from Wiltshire so sadly this will be his last Weekend Camp. We all wish him well and hope to cross paths again in the future.

S/Sgt Anthony ‘Parky' Parker was presented with leaving gifts on behalf of the company, plus Wiltshire ACF medal from OC Juno Company Maj Andy Emery and 2I/C Lt Mark Hargreaves.

Sadly we also have another farewell. Staff Cadet S/Sgt Catherine Yuill will be aging out shortly, so this was her last Company Weekend. We wish her well and hope to see her again at some point…

S/Sgt Parker presented the below cadets with their promotions.


Lavington Detachment

Cdt Tilly Creasey Cottle to Cdt L/Cpl,

Cdt Beatrice Yates to L/Cpl,

Cdt Eleanor Chapam to L/Cpl

Devizes Detachment

Cdt Oliver Goddard to L/Cpl

Trowbridge Detachment

Cdt Elizabeth Kirk to L/Cpl

Cdt CSM Creasy-Cottle was presented his cane by Juno CSMI Ian Land

23 Recruits passed out from the recent recruit weekends and were formerly presented their star badges and ACS Syllabus badges by OC Maj Emery.

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  • Promotion1
  • Promotion11
  • Promotion111
  • Promotion1111
  • Promotion11111
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Photos from the Weekend

Photo Gallery Juno FTX Photos
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Recruits- ACS Awards

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