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Junior Cadet Instructor Cadre brings together cadets from…

E Company HSY (ACF) and Ormiston Maritime Academy (CCF), joining forces for the first time to deliver a virtual JCIC for cadets at both units.

Junior Cadet Instructor Cadre brings together cadets from the Army Cadets and Combined Cadet Force

8 February 2021

  • Humberside And South Yorkshire ACF

December should have seen cadets from Ormiston Maritime Academy’s Combined Cadet Force (CCF) join cadets from E Company Humberside and South Yorkshire Army Cadet Force (ACF) at a face-to-face joint training camp, but due to Covid-19 restrictions in the region, this had to be postponed.

Not wanting the cadet to miss out on the opportunity to complete their Junior Cadet Instructor Cadre (JCIC), E Company volunteered to host a virtual training camp for both organisations over the weekend of 30 & 31 January 2021.

The JCIC is an integral part of senior cadet training and is designed to teach the cadet how to instruct cadets in the junior levels of their training in subjects like drill and turnout, military knowledge, navigation and fieldcraft.

Over the weekend, the cadets went through the Cadet Forces Instructional Techniques with a number of discussions to get their mind focused on how to engage cadets in their learning and what makes a good instructor.

The weekend was ended, with the cadets taking their teaching assessments by giving a 15 minute lesson to their peers.

E Company Training Officer, Captain Vicki Brooks said: “it was a pleasure to extend the invite although virtual to Ormiston, all of the cadets who attended, were very engaged with the weekend, we had some very good discussions, and the lessons they delivered showed that all the cadets learnt from the weekend. There was some very outside of the box thinking going on. These cadets will all make good instructing cadets are an asset to their units”

  • Lcpl Hullett Lesson

    Lcpl Hullet Lesson

  • Lcpl Hullet quizzing the cadets

    Lcpl Hullet quizzing the cadets

  • Cdt Horsfall lesson

    Cdt Horsfall Lesson

  • Lcpl Bloomer lesson

    Lcpl Bloomer lesson

  • Lcpl Bloomer boot polishing lesson

    Lcpl Bloomer boot polish lesson

  • Cpl Graham lesson

    Cpl Graham Lesson 1

  • Clp Graham lesson 2

    Cpl Graham Lesson 2

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