Cadets complete June Cycling Challenge a total of 313.59 miles


11 February 2021

  • Lincolnshire ACF

During the lockdown period, cadets in Lincolnshire ACF have been continuing with their Dofe activities. A challenge was set for the month of June to cycle the equivalent number of miles as though travelling across the County of Lincolnshire and passing by each Detachment.

The route was planned to start at Crowland Detachment, travelling through 2 Sqn, then through the 3 Coy area, onto 1 Coy and then finishing off around 4 Coy and ending at Louth Detachment, a total of 313.59 miles in total.

Three cadets Alfie Nelson, Toby Precious and Alex Webber all from Louth Detachment decided that they could do the challenge and signed up for it. Despite plenty of punctures along the way, sometimes more than one on a ride, they got through it.

The Cadets said it has been really fun biking and especially knowing it’s helping towards their Physical section for DofE and helping their future. They enjoyed nearly every minute of it, apart from the puncture situation, but apart from that it's been Amazing.

The June cycling challenge, had been a great experience with both ups and downs but all worth it in the finish. The cadets managed a total of 352.08 miles.

DofE bike challenge: L/Cpl Webber

On the 1st June 2020, Cpl Alfie Nelson, L/Cpl Precious and myself started on a challenge to bike 313.59 miles in one month. We were challenged to bike the equivalent to each detachment in Lincolnshire, however we decided to ride the same amount of distance as the amount set, apart from a few punctures were managed to complete it reaching a total of 325 miles and are now looking at doing a sponsored ride.

Cycling challenge: Cpl Alfie Nelson

I first discovered this challenge whilst browsing through the Lincolnshire ACF page back in May and thought that it would be a great thing to take part in. I wanted to incorporate the new social measures put into place at that current time due to the virus and use it as an opportunity to see my friends at a safe distance to catch up the many months apart. There were many places we visited such as Blundell Park the home to Grimsby Town Football Club as well as visiting Mablethorpe beach and the RNLI station there. We have travelled more local routes such as to the reservoir in Covenham. Another trip included cycling out to Donna Nook and gave us the opportunity to see seals and other wildlife in their natural habitats such as sea birds.

There were certainly the positives that came of the challenge the most important was that we completed the challenge within the allotted time but also the simple moments as the miles grow higher and higher the sense of achievement grows. The choice and chances of freedom as it allows you to travel to wherever and whenever you want to go.

But like any challenge there were certainly obstacles in our way at times such as the trip which resulted in 3 total punctures as we headed to Donna nook and the few occasions that it rained heavy on us but to be honest we got lucky. This sense of achievement has certainly encouraged me to get out on my bike more often and cycle further and further and get out as and when I possibly can, this opportunity has been amazing.

Cycling Challenge – L/Cpl Toby Precious

For our challenge in June we were given the opportunity to do some cycling that would match biking to every Lincolnshire Detachment. L/Cpl Webber, Cpl Nelson and I completed the challenge successfully and were proud to have completed the challenge and knowing that it would go towards our Silver Dofe aswell which was an added bonus. In the end we road about 315 mile which thankfully pipped the total of 313.59 miles.

I’m proud that I’ve succeeded in this challenge and have gain fitness in the process. Thank you.

All 3 cadets have shown commitment, enthusiasm, and determination to complete the challenge despite the weather at the beginning of June which wasn’t the best and despite the number of punctures they had to endure. At least this has shown their resilience to adapt and overcome whatever has been thrown at them.

It is no mean feat cycling that mileage over the short month of June, a couple of adults have done this challenge too and they have also found it very tough going. I know I certainly did, however it is the most mileage I have covered in a month for many years.

Some of the places that the cadets cycled to look amazing and they were very lucky to see the seals at Donna Nook and they were very close to them too.

One of the mottos of the Army Cadet Force is to ‘Inspire to achieve’ and I think they have certainly inspired those who have been following the challenge and their parents too and they have achieved it, well done each of you.

Hopefully it has also sewn a seed to maybe complete their Gold expedition on bikes too.

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