Jubilee Garden Party

Jubilee Garden Party

19 July 2022

  • Cambridgeshire ACF

On 16th July Cambs ACF held a hugely successful Jubilee garden party. As well as commemorating Her Majesty's Platinum Jubilee, this was an opportunity for members of Cambs ACF, family, friends and supporters to come together, have fun, present awards and promotions and celebrate our organisation and all the great work we do.

6 D2 A0064

A Cadet & his family pose at an observation post.

The event was very well attended and was designed to give family and friends a fun opportunity to see some aspects of Cadet's training. This included visiting an army observation post, a chance to handle weapons, and to find out more about the Duke of Edinburgh's award. There was also a bouncy castle, which proved a hit with the young children and the older teenagers alike!

6 D2 A0197

SSI Johnson (left) and daughter with air rifle.

We were joined by several VIP guests; The Lord Lieutenant of Cambridgeshire, Mrs Julie Spence OBE QPM, The High Sheriff Mrs J Crompton, and Colonel Cadets East Midlands Leona Barr-Jones. Later in the day the formal parade took place, and all three of our VIPs, plus our own Commandant Colonel Deacon, and with support from our CEO Major Hammond, were able to take part in presenting awards and promotions to many deserving recipients.

6 D2 A0241

The bouncy castle.

This included presentation of the Duke of Edinburgh's award to many Cadets and one adult volunteer, promotion of multiple adults and presentation of the Commandant's Coin for excellence to AUO Ros Whyall and NUV Vanessa Rice, and the presentation of Commission and Warrant certificates.

6 D2 A0621

The High Sheriff awards Warrant certificates.

The final act of the day was the unveiling, by the Lord Lieutenant, of our newly commisioned piece of silverware to commemorate the Jubilee. This extraordinary solid silver piece will permanently commemorate a great occassion for our nation, but also an extraordinarily memorable day for Cambridgeshire Army Cadet Force.

6 D2 A0724

The Lord Lieutenant with the silverware piece.

Text and photos by SI Doug Stuart