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Joint Camp for No 1 (Minden) & No 4 (Korea) Company

Joint Camp for No 1 (Minden) & No 4 (Korea) Company

14 March 2022

  • Greater Manchester ACF

SMI Debbie Callaghan, County Media Officer, Greater Manchester ACF

No 1 (Minden) Company & No 4 (Korea) Company came together over the weekend 11-13 March to run a joint company camp. There were a lot of cadets on the camp for whom it was their first camp.

The training was varied covering lots of subjects from the training syllabus know as the APC Syllabus. A Basic knowledge quiz was made fun by the cadets having to catch a ball before answering the questions. Our adult volunteers are really good at finding ways to make the learning interesting. Other subjects were competition shooting on the indoor range, Drill & Turnout and Skill at Arms.

The cadets also had a special visitor on the Saturday morning from Commander North West Region, Colonel Darren Doherty. Col Doherty spent time walking around the camp where he observed lessons and spoke to some of the cadets and staff. He took part in one of the lessons where he was tested on fitting a sling to one of the cadet rifles. He passed the test with flying colours!

More on Col Doherty and his visit to Holcombe Moor Training Camp to follow.

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Thank you to SSI Adele Wareing for providing some of the pictures.

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No 1 No 4 Company 12 03 22