Investing in Leadership

IOT and JCIC successes - by Capt N Bizzell

Investing in Leadership

15 May 2023

  • Humberside And South Yorkshire ACF

Over the weekend of 13-14th May we had CFAV and Cadets developing their leadership and instruction skills on the Initial Officer Training (IOT) and Junior Cadet Instructors Cadre (JCIC) courses.

Second Lieutenant (2Lt) Andy Mead, County Music Officer, was down at Sandhurst completing the Applied Leadership course. 2Lt Mead has served the county force for quite some time most recently as a Sergeant Major Instructor so is not a newcomer to leadership, having led the county Band for a number of years. Despite this he welcomed the chance to receive the free leadership training offered as part of the IOT program.


The Applied Leadership course is the second of two courses that provide high quality leadership training to our Cadet Force Adult Volunteers (CTAV) who are selected for a Cadet Forces Commission during the two year probationary period. These courses hone the leadership skills of new officers and prepare them for the responsibility of command. Having completed the Applied leadership course 2Lt Mead has now completed the requirements of his probation and will be promoted to Lieutenant in the near future.

Amead cert landscape

At a much earlier stage in their leadership journey Cadets from C and D companies came together on the JCIC at Scarborough Barracks. The JCIC is the first course introducing Cadets to instruction and leadership. For many this will be their first experience of delivering training. After receiving instruction on the Cadet Force Instruction Technique the course culminates in each cadet delivers a lesson showing what they have learnt. This weekend saw a new batch of instructors successfully take their first steps in instruction and leadership.