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Interview with a Coronation Champion

Interview with Cdt Sgt Emily Allen - by Capt N Bizzell

Interview with a Coronation Champion

2 May 2023

  • Humberside And South Yorkshire ACF

Cadet Sergeant Emily Allen was one of 500 people nationwide to be recognised as a Coronation Champion. Alongside her work in the Army Cadet Force Emily was nominated for her work with charities and mentoring a young person.

Emily completed a Care Home Initiative during Covid where she organised the writing of 293 letters to residents, and the delivery of staff care packages to 7 local care homes.

She is also a dedicated fund raiser having raised money for various charities including SSAFA (£230.50) Walking with the Wounded (£197.75) and contributing to fund raising efforts for the Royal British Legion.

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Perhaps her biggest impact has been her mentoring work. Tracey Eagle, Parent of Benjamin Eagle says:

"During the last 8mths Emily has been mentoring my son Ben his teachers, respite workers and family have noticed a remarkable difference in him. And it's all thanks to her hard work and perseverance

"During this time she has done many things with Ben and achieved some amazing achievements including getting him to participate in activities others have attempted to do and failed. These include travelling on a bus, trying new foods, participating in art and going to the cinema.

"Emily also helps Ben in doing research for his homework projects such as voodoo and coal mining. As well as fun things such as swimming, bowling and trampolining. Without her help these past months Ben's life would have been a lot less fun and he would have missed out on experiences a 10year should have. As a family we can never thank Emily enough for she has done and continues to do for Ben."

During the last 8mths Emily has been mentoring my son Ben his teachers, respite workers and family have noticed a remarkable difference in him. And it's all thanks to her hard work and perseverance

Tracey Eagle, Parent of Benjamin Eagle

We spoke with Emily about the award and her time in the Army Cadet Force.

How do you feel about the award?
"I feel truly honoured to receive the award and was shocked that I was even nominated. However I also feel what I did and continue to do isn't for recognition, award or praise - I feel that everyone should try and go the extra mile - be it helping a neighbour, or supporting a group of people or the wider community. An act of kindness no matter how small it may seem to you, can make a huge impact for the person receiving it. Also by supporting each other, we can strengthen our community.

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Tell us a little bit about the activities you have taken part in through the Army Cadet Force.
"I like to take part in alot of activities, rather than focusing on one particular thing. Alongside regular training, Army Cadet Camps and Parades, I have also taken part in Duke of Edinburgh, Music, STEM, First Aid, Adventure Training - including Sky Diving and Kayaking and Exercise Ares Challenge in Cyprus."

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What was the most exciting thing you have done with the ACF so far?
"The most exciting I would say was travelling to Cyprus. It was an amazing Camp with some truly amazing Cadets and CFAVs from my own and other Companies within my County. We took part in Fieldcraft exercises and Adventure Training experiences. We also had visits from the Dog Regiment, Bomb disposal and active Military units. However my favourite experience was riding the Military Helicopters - being one of only a handful chosen to take part."

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Alongside your ACF contributions you were nominated for this award due to your involvement in mentoring, can you tell us some more about that?
"I currently mentor and tutor a 10 year old Autistic Child. Helping him increase his skills and confidence around Transport, Money and Communication. As well as helping with school work, I work on helping increase his confidence and ability around texture issues, food and physical activities. It is a pleasure to see how he has been improving over the past eight months I have been mentoring him. On another note, working alongside him has also helped increase my own confidence and resilience"

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What are you currently doing at school / college?
"I am currently enrolled in Public Services at College and will continue this into the next academic year. Hopefully this will ensure grades for myself to go to University where I currently plan on studying Psychology through Criminology."

What are your plans for when you leave education?

"Upon leaving education, I plan to join the Police Force and train further to become a Sexual Crimes Investigator."

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Has your time in the ACF helped with this goal?
'Being in the Cadet Force has pushed me to progress in confidence, control and belief in my own abilities.'

What would you say to anyone considering joining the army cadets?

'Army Cadets will give you the chance to take part in activities that you wouldn't normally have a chance at. It can help boost your confidence, make you realise your full potential and increase your self esteem. As well as making friends, learning new skills, gaining qualifications and giving you a sense of pride."

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