Inter Services Cadet Clay Shooting Competition

Great Competition results for Cambs ACF.

Inter Services Cadet Clay Shooting Competition

13 June 2023

  • Cambridgeshire ACF

Following on from last year's victories at the competition, this year's event again saw multiple successes for our county, testament to the skill and enthusiasm of our cadets and the dedicated leadership of our adult volunteers. These successes included Cambs ACF coming first in the Sporting Targets shoot, and second place in the competition overall.

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Cdt Huebler shooting DTL

Taking place at Cambridge Gun Club on 10-11th June 2023, the competition included cadets of all abilities (mostly from 3 Coy), and for the majority this was only their second time shooting. It proved to be a very hot weekend, consisting of a mix of different disciplines, Sporting Targets (various targets from different positions and heights, Flush (75 clays from in front coming towards, and over, the head), DTL (Down the Line, 5 stands with the targets flying away from you in different angles) and the Inter Services Final: the Skeet Shoot.

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LCpl B Harris - shooting DTL

For the first time, both shooters for the inter services Skeet final were from Cambs ACF (picked from the top two scorers from the ACF Sporting results) S/C Sgt Maj J Harris and Cdt LCpl S Greenwood (both of Soham Det, 3 Coy). An amazing achievement for Cambridgeshire!!!

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Jack Harris, Skeet, Inter Service National Final

We also have the pleasure of announcing yet another cadet, Cdt Burgin, Burwell Det, 3 Coy has been selected to join the British Shooting development team for the DTL discipline.

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Silver overall team winners, inc Cdt Burgin, left.

County Shooting Officer Captain Molloy said: ‘I’m very proud of how well the cadets competed given their experience and practice time. We now have the foundation for Cambridgeshire cadets to compete for the foreseeable future.’

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Award for top national team for Sporting.

Cambridgeshire ACF achievements –

National Cadets Sporting Team winners - Cambs ACF

Individual overall sporting competition – High Gun (1st place) S/C Sgt Maj J Harris

ACF Individual Sporting 1st Place – S/C Sgt Maj J Harris

ACF Individual Sporting 2nd place – L/Cpl S Greenwood

ACF overall Sporting team – 1st place Cambs ACF

Flush – 2nd place Cambs ACF

National final (Skeet) – 3rd place S/C J Harris and L/Cpl S Greenwood.

(All disciplines scores added together)

Individual overall high gun – 3rd place S/C Sgt Maj J Harris

Over all team award – 2nd Place Cambs ACF

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LCpl Greenwood, - Silver in ACF Sporting

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Jack Harris, Gold for High Gun in Sporting.

Role of Honour –

Capt Molloy – Team Capt and Coy Shooting Officer

SMI L Harris – Team Capt

SSI A Bowen – Team Capt

S/C Sgt Maj J Harris

L/Cpl Allen

L/Cpl S Greenwood

L/Cpl B Harris

L/Cpl Tripathi

Cdt Burgin

Cdt Fairchild

Cdt Huebler

Cdt Huggins

Cdt Neale

Cdt Pavitt

Cdt Scott

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The Cambs ACF team, with their badges and trophies

Text by SMI Lee Harris with SI Doug Stuart.