Inter-Company First Aid Competition 2022

Inter-Company First Aid Competition 2022

8 March 2022

  • Cambridgeshire ACF

First aid forms a vital part of the ACF's training syllabus and cadets and adult volunteers regularly save lives all across the country. As well as teaching useful skills, first aid training encourages teamwork and responsibility to others, all factors that are encouraged and developed by the Inter-Company First Aid Competition.

On a bright and sunny Sunday morning on 27th February, 16 cadets from across the county came to Waterbeach Cadet Training Centre to practice and test their first aid skills. All were welcome, new cadets and senior ones, to practice their training, run by the County First Aid Officer, SMI Jules Perry, and supported by adults from all companies.

Left, Cdt Carnegie giving CPR to an unresponsive casualty, and right, LCpl Emmerson treating LCpl A Wallace.

The competition comprised of mixed ability teams from 1 Coy and 2 Coy taking part in a team scenario and 1 individual scenario, responding to casualties who needed emergency treatment. Cadets from 3 Coy played a supporting role as some of the casualties.

Cadets practicing Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

1 Coy continued their long running winning streak and won in the team event, led by Cdt R Silk from Yaxley.

The joint winners of the individual event was Cdt LCpl Emmerson from Fletton Detachment and Cdt R Silk from Yaxley, followed up by Cdt Parmenter from Whittlesey Detachment.

Lt Houghton awards medals.

Highest individual scores:
1st place: Cdt Silk and LCpl Emmerson
2nd place: Cdt Parmenter
3rd place: Cdt Davis
4th place: Cdt Hewitt and Cdt Dunn

Cdt Rebecca Silk holds the First Aid Competition winner's shield.

A number of cadets from the competition will be asked to form a team to represent the county in the next regional first aid competition on 28 May 2022.

Cadet Cpl Chloe Dunn (St Ives) said; 'Its been a good chance to get a lot of experience about first aid, and to practice life-saving skills that could help in an emergency. Its also been really fun and great to meet a lot of new people.'

The cadets and adults who took part.

Text by Lt Victoria Houghton and SI Doug Stuart. Pictures by Lt Victoria Houghton, SSI Rylan Ray and SI Doug Stuart