Inter-company First Aid Competition

Inter-company First Aid Competition

3 April 2023

  • Cambridgeshire ACF

Last year, Cambridgeshire ACF won the National First Aid Competition. Following on from this extraordinary success, the process of choosing this years top notch-team began on 25th-26th March, when cadets from across the county competed in the Inter-company First Aid Competition to select their team for the Regionals.

IMG 3528

Treating open fracture to the leg.

1, 2 and 3 Company each submitted 2 competing teams; 1 senior team and 1 junior team.

Each Company trained across several weekends in preparation for the competition. Teams were tested in group and individual scenarios.

IMG 3499

Treating nose bleeds.

The group scenario tested the cadets on emergency first aid in a simulated ‘cadet camp scenario’. This scenario had 3 casualties with the following injuries: open fracture to the lower leg, major burn and anaphylactic shock. This tested the cadets across a wide variety of first aid knowledge and applications.

IMG 6567

The participants.

The Individual scenarios tested the cadet’s ability to work solo under pressure. There were 2 individual scenarios: nose bleed and broken wrist, or large leg laceration with bleed.

Each cadet did an outstanding job in all scenarios and should be proud of the life saving skills they are leaning and perfecting.

Winning coy

The winning Company (1 Coy).

The competition winner are as follows:

Winning Team: 1 Company A Team

Runner up: 1 Company B Team

3rd place: 2 Company B Team

Overall winner individual: L/Cpl Jessica Parmenter (Whittlesey, shown in top photo)

Notable mention: L/Cpl Wooley (Huntingdon)

Winning company: 1 Company

Text and photos by SI Emily White