Cadet C Sgt Gabitas 3

Inspiring to achieve to the end

In the virtual world of training that we find ourselves in............

Inspiring to achieve to the end

25 February 2021

  • Greater Manchester ACF

Pictures and story by Capt Andy Pilling, Company Training Officer, No 1 (Minden) Company

In the virtual world of training that we find ourselves in, Cadet Colour Sergeant Gabbitas from No 1 (Minden) Company, shows his commitment to his fellow cadets by instructing to the end of his Cadet career as he nears his 18 birthday. At 18 years of age cadets in the ACF leave to embark on the next part of their journey in life.

Cadet Colour Sergeant Gabbitas, who’s knowledge is invaluable follows the ACF motto: To Inspire to Achieve.

On Tuesday he presented the first lesson in the 2 Star Fieldcraft syllabus to junior cadets. Not only passing on his knowledge of the lesson, but also reflecting and passing on his experience as a cadet.

Although not able to present the full range of lessons in Fieldcraft to his fellow cadets he will on his very last day be presenting one more lesson. The final in his cadet career but showing his commitment to the ACF and his fellow cadets.

Cadet Colour Sergeant Gabbitas will move on to new things. But his memories and experiences as a Cadet in the ACF will live with him.

Good luck in your future.

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