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Inclusivity and The Cost to Join

Being Accessible to all is really important to us, check out some of the new changes to show why you should get involved today!

Inclusivity and The Cost to Join

5 April 2021

  • Gloucestershire ACF
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To make sure Gloucestershire ACF is accessible to all, the previous joining fee for new cadets has been removed. All cadets will also be issued with boots if required.

Boots can be issued either when joining or when their old boots are unserviceable or outgrown.

Both of these incredible changes have been made possible by working with a number of charitable organisations that have continued to help and support Gloucestershire ACF in the past, present and future.

This means that it will now cost nothing to join Gloucestershire ACF and be issued with every piece of uniform needed to attend parade night and get the Cadet Experience.

Also if a cadet is eligible for free school meals you will be exempt from paying messing towards meals on training weekends and other events.