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Ilkeston cadets administer first aid

Whilst poppy selling today, four cadets from Ilkeston detachment attended to a lady who was in need of first aid.

Ilkeston cadets administer first aid

6 November 2021

  • Derbyshire ACF

This morning whilst poppy selling on the streets of Ilkeston, four cadets witnessed a lady collapse and immediately having a seizure.

L/Cpl Smedley and L/Cpl Wragg immediately highlighted this to SI Herbert and SI Bowey, before heading to the lady, surveying the scene and beginning first aid.

Whilst remaining calm, they delivered basic first aid to the lady, ensuring they reassured her throughout. During this time, Cdt Bostock-Davey and Cdt Smedley went into a local shop to ask for blankets to help with the cold temperatures.

Once the lady had become conscious, the cadets asked the lady about her medical history and called an ambulance for her.

Once the ambulance was on scene, they relayed the important information they had witnessed, including how long the seizure was, how old the lady was and her medical history. As the ambulance left, the cadets were thanked for their brave efforts and for all they had done.

A huge well done to these cadets - and adult staff - for handling this situation so capably. They are a credit to Derbyshire Army Cadet Force, and it goes to show the true extent the experience of being a cadet can have on a young person.

SSI Chadwick

L/Cpl Wragg, L/Cpl Smedley, Cdt Smedley & Cdt Bostock-Davey

I was shocked when I witnessed the lady collapse and begin having a seizure, however with the training I have had from the Army Cadet Force, I was able to stay calm and send another cadet to find one of the adult instructors for guidance.

L/Cpl Smedley

First Aid is a very important, and life changing skill that we teach in the Army Cadet Force. We aim to educate all of our cadets with the basic life saving skills to help them in situations like this one. I am very proud that our cadets were able to step in and assist in this situation today.

SSI Denner - C Company First Aid Officer.