IIC Training Course - Congratulations - July 2021

Congratulations to PI B Ryan, PI A Gray, PI S Garwood, PI O Miles, PI S Davis, PI Y Smith, PI S Platt, PI M Massey. All 8 of the have now successfully completed their IIC course and can progress onto the AIC. Well done all

IIC Training Course - Congratulations - July 2021

1 August 2021

  • Suffolk ACF

Over the period of 28th to 30th of July Suffolk ACF CFAV's took part in IIC induction training on STANTA The CFAV's progression through the syllabus had been delayed due to COVID, but it was fantastic to get back out on the training area to complete the training at long last.

They deployed to STANTA starting with a Navigation exercise to get to the harbour area. It was then a race against time to get the bashas up before the first storm hit that afternoon. Thunder and lightning soon caught up and slowed down the training, not just for us, but also the Apache helicopter who had to hover in the field outside our harbour area. The students had the chance to get comfortable and acclimatised to living the field getting into a harbour routine, eating ration packs, ensuring kit is packed away and keeping dry, It had been the first time some of the CFAV's had slept under a Basha or fired the rifle.

Day 2 focused on revision on all the lessons of fieldcraft we had completed on Zoom prior to this event, nothing beats getting outside and doing it for real. Each one of the students were given a lesson to prepare to deliver during the day. These ranged from polishing boots, moving with and without a rifle, Handrails, and even introduction to marching as the news of Storm Everett approaching.

Friday was the last day with the fieldcraft assessments ensuring the campcraft was a high standard, they could protect the harbour from the enemy, and the stalk. All tasks were completed successfully. The stalk was taken very seriously by all, any chance to get one up on the Training SMI was relished but with only one person getting past him.

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