Bucks LL Awards 2021 054

HMLL Cadet for Buckinghamshire 2021/22

Cdt Sjt Ellis appointed as this year's HMLL Cadet

HMLL Cadet for Buckinghamshire 2021/22

30 September 2021

  • Buckinghamshire ACF

Congratulations to Cdt Sjt Liana Ellis on her appointment to HMLL Cadet. Cdt Sjt Ellis joined Bucks ACF in Nov 2017 and is part of 9th (Bletchley) Detachment. Her duties will involve supporting HMLL Countess Howe on her engagements over the next year. Only one ACF cadet in Buckinghamshire is appointed as HMLL Cadet per year so this is a truly exceptional achievement. Well done Cdt Sjt Ellis