Heroic First Aid actions by Cdt Sgt Mia Hamilton

Heroic First Aid actions by Cdt Sgt Mia Hamilton

18 May 2023

  • Cambridgeshire ACF

First Aid is one of our key skills, and every year, across the country, Army Cadets help save lives. This year, in an extraordinary double achievement, Cadet Sgt Mia Hamilton has twice rendered extremely important first aid, using the skills, values and standards of an outstanding Army Cadet.

17 year-old Mia Hamilton joined the ACF 5 years ago and has served at Soham and Waterbeach Detachments before joining Longstanton. Encouraged by her mother and stepfather, who are both medical professionals, she has a serious interest in first aid and has participated in ACF Inter-Company competitions. She also participated in Combat Cadet last year, and completed the Junior and Senior Cadet Instructor’s Cadre training courses.

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Mia Hamilton at Detachment.

In February this year, whilst working at Tenpin Cambridge, one of her work colleagues suffered a collapse due to an ongoing condition. Although Mia had helped her in previous collapses, on the other occasions her colleague had quickly recovered. This time was different. Whilst another colleague called an ambulance, Mia checked to see if the unconscious woman was breathing and found she was not. Using her training, she performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) - chest compressions and rescue breaths, resulting in her colleague’s heart re-starting, and her going on to make a good recovery.

In April, Mia and her brother, Cadet Joseph Hamilton, had just left their home on their way to parade night at Longstanton Detachment, when they saw a man in his 60s sitting by the side of the road. He was inadequately dressed in shorts and t-shirt, had learning difficulties, and was being assisted by a passer-by, Mr Ben Weeks. Mia gave the man her coat, and was then assisted by workers from a nearby building site who provided blankets. Mia tried to find out who he was and where he lived, but could not do so. She sent her brother back to their house to get him some water. The man was soon recognised by another passer-by, who informed them that he lived at a local care home. Mia was then able to establish that the care home was very nearby, speak to them on the phone, and helped to lift the man and walk him back there.


Mia demonstrating her first aid skills.

Mr Weeks said; ‘Mia made sure he had blankets and water, and assisted in caring for him.’ Later, he said: ‘Mia helped guide the gentleman back to his home where he was cared for. Please pass on my thanks. In addition, whilst being in uniform, she was a great ambassador for your organisation.’

Former Officer Commanding (OC) 2 Coy, (which includes Longstanton) Major Jay Annis, described Mia as: ‘a fantastic cadet with many attributes and outstanding results on her training courses.’ Her present OC, Major Russ McAlinden, said: ‘Cdt Sgt Hamilton has shown bravery, quick thinking and a willingness to support others in need. It is a testament to her cadet training that she had the skills to step forward and help these people. This is a prime example of why the ACF is so important to our community. I offer Cdt Sgt Hamilton my full praise and commend her on what she has done.’

Mia Hamilton said: ‘Cadets is the best thing I have done. You learn so much, and it helps you mature. I am grateful for the first aid I have learned. I honestly think everyone should learn first aid, so they can help others.'

Mia plans to go on using her medical skills by joining the Army and either becoming a nurse or a Combat Medical Technician. We have no doubt she has a great future ahead of her.

Text and photos by SI Doug Stuart