Greater Manchester Lord Lt Awards 2021

Her Majesty's Lord Lieutenant of Greater Manchester Awards

The Lieutenancy - A Brief History

Her Majesty's Lord Lieutenant of Greater Manchester Awards

28 October 2021

  • Greater Manchester ACF

SMI Debbie Callaghan, County PRO Greater Manchester ACF

In September our Commandant, Col Catherine Harrison and Deputy Commandant, Lt Col Billy Royle, attended the Lord-Lieutenants Awards evening along with the recipients of a Lord-Lieutenants Award from Greater Manchester ACF. I have now received the pictures and citations of each person who received an award. Over the next few weeks I will share each citation individually of all Greater Manchester ACF worthy recipients. Well done everyone!

The Vice Lord-Lieutenant; Mrs Sharman Birtles, DL JP, presented the Awards on the evening.

In order to understand a little about the awards, before sharing the citations of each recipient, I have taken the information provided by North West RFCA and posted below.

Her Majesty's Lord Lieutenant of Greater Manchester Awards

The Lieutenancy - A Brief History

Lord-Lieutenants are Her Majesty the Queen's representative for the county. Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenants were originally appointed in Henry VIII’s reign to take over the military duties of the Sheriff, control the military forces of the Crown and had the power to call on men in their region to fight in times of need. This power was removed from the post-holder in 1921 although the links with the military were preserved by keeping the role linked with the Reserve Forces in their areas. In 1662 they were given entire control of the militia, but the Forces Act of 1871 transferred this responsibility back to the Crown.

Crucially, the role of HM Lord-Lieutenant is a non-political post. As the Queens representative, Lord-Lieutenants are responsible for the organisation of all official Royal visits to their county. On the day of an engagement, they escort the Royal visitor around the different locations - not just The Queen, but any member of the royal family.

Lord-Lieutenants also carry out other duties in their county, such as the presentation of decorations (where the recipient is unable to attend an investiture), The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise, for Voluntary Service, and Queens Scout and Queen’s Guide Awards. British Empire Medals are usually presented within the county by Lord-Lieutenants on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen.

Lord-Lieutenants are also responsible for ensuring that The Queen's Private Office is kept informed about local issues relating to their area.

Lord-Lieutenants give their time to the office voluntarily and are supported in their role by their Vice Lord-Lieutenant and Deputy Lieutenants. All appointments normally retire on reaching their 75th birthday.

Connection with the Armed Forces and in particular the Reserves and Cadets:

On appointment to their role, the Lord-Lieutenant also undertakes the position of President or Vice-President of their regional RFCA. In NW RFCA, this is organised on a rotation where one Lord-Lieutenant is President whilst the other three are Vice-Presidents (along with HE Lieutenant Governor of the Isle of Man), this rotates on a three yearly basis.

The Lord-Lieutenant has a duty to liaise with local units of the Armed Forces and their associated reserve and cadet forces. The Commanding Officer of a Reserve Unit, or a cadet lead may invite HM Lord-Lieutenant to inspect a parade, a guard of honour or to take part in various ceremonial functions. On events such as this, the Lord-Lieutenant will be greeted with a Royal Salute and the National Anthem should be played.

Each Lord Lieutenant may appoint young people from the four Cadet Forces on a yearly basis to become their HM Lord-Lieutenant Cadet. This is the highest honour a cadet can achieve; these cadets are invited to accompany the Lord-Lieutenant to events throughout the year.

The following are 3 of the categories of awards that can be made to the Army Cadets:

HM Lord-Lieutenants and HE Lieutenant Governor's Certificates of Meritorious service; Reserves, Cadet Force Adult Volunteers and Civilians.

HM Lord-Lieutenants and HE Lieutenant Governor's Certificates of Meritorious service; Cadets.

HM Lord-Lieutenants and HE Lieutenant Governor's Commendation; Cadets, Cadet Force Adult Volunteers, Reserves and Civilians.

Lord-Lieutenant Awards 2021
Lord-Lieutenant Awards 2021

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