Col Catherine Harrison



25 January 2022

  • Greater Manchester ACF


  1. Introduction. This Directive is to be read by all Cadet Force Adult Volunteers (CFAVs) and Professional Support Staff (PSS) within Greater Manchester Army Cadet Force (ACF) and it is to be clearly displayed on unit noticeboards for cadets and adults alike.
  2. Intent. It is my intent that Greater Manchester ACF will be a Force for Good, setting people and communities up to achieve, by:
    1. Developing self-confidence of our cadets and CFAVs through improving skills, providing opportunities for personal growth and having fun
    2. Developing values-based leadership capabilities of our cadets and CFAVs
    3. Embracing the diversity of the communities we serve through a safe, respectful, anti-bullying, welcoming and inclusive culture
  3. Guiding Principle. Greater Manchester ACF will continue with the guiding principle of doing what is in the best interest of the cadets. This will underpin all activities.
  4. Main Effort. Our main effort for 2022 is to grow Greater Manchester ACF.
  5. Comdt’s Priorities. The following priorities are set for 2022.
    1. Priority 1. Increase the number of cadets within Greater Manchester to over 1000
    2. Priority 2. Continue to improve our approach to the robust use of safeguarding policies
    3. Priority 3. Embrace the opportunities afforded by the new ACF syllabus
    4. Priority 4: Deliver safe and vibrant Easter and Summer camps; bring together as many cadets and CFAVs as possible
    5. Priority 5: Proactively engage with our communities; keep the army and cadet footprint visible
    6. Priority 6: Equip and enable our CFAVs to deliver the full cadet experience; operate effectively within the Army Cadet Safety Management System, with high levels of personal skill, values and discipline
    7. Priority 7: Increase and broaden the composition of the Officer Corps
    8. Priority 8: Future-proof Greater Manchester ACF; champion diversity and inclusion
    9. Priority 9: Empower individuals and units to achieve ambitious outcomes; continue to develop our culture of recognising and celebrating success
  6. Summary. Towards the end of 2021, we were able to re-open and start on the journey to re-energise our detachments. Detachments parading one or two nights a week continues to be the lifeblood of Greater Manchester ACF. Detachments provide safe and inclusive places within their communities for cadets and CFAVs to develop and grow. In 2022, we must all be committed to growing our existing detachments and seeking opportunities to open new detachments.

2022, the year of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, will be a special year of celebration and recognition. As members of Greater Manchester ACF, we can have a significant and positive impact on the wider community of Greater Manchester and, in doing so, be a force for good.

We have much to learn and relearn in 2022; our values and standards will underpin how we adapt and achieve the best possible cadet experience for each and every one of our cadets.

CM Harrison

Colonel - Commandant