Ben Robinson 3

Great Britain Under 19 Target Rifle Shooting Team

Staff Cadet Sergeant (Sgt) Ben Robinson of Larne Detachment has gained a place on the GB Under 19 Rifle Team, had a remarkably busy weekend at the National Shooting Centre, Bisley over the weekend 21st / 23rd May.

Great Britain Under 19 Target Rifle Shooting Team

25 May 2021

  • 1st Northern Ireland Battalion ACF

Staff Cadet Sgt Robinson had travelled to Bisley to get some practice for the up-and-coming tour with his fellow team mates to the Scottish open later in June.

Great Britain Under 19 Target Rifle Shooting Team

The young Staff Cadet missed out on a Tour with the Athelings Team to Canada last year and to South Africa this year due to Covid 19 Travel restrictions.

Whilst over at Bisley, he got some good range time, something that he has been unable to get over the past 16 months, time on the range is vital to make sure everything is the best it can be before competitions.

It was a very proud Sgt Robinson that was presented with his GB Under 19 Team badge, tie and shoulder titles.

Ben said:

“I’m looking forward taking part in the Scottish open at the end of June and hope to do the Under 19 Team and 1st (NI) Bn ACF proud”.

“I would also like to thank everyone who has helped me get so far with target shooting including my Battalion Shooting Officer, Sergeant Major Instructor (SMI) John Johnston and to the Army Cadet Force Association NI, the Commandant and CEO of 1st (NI) Bn ACF for putting the travel in place for the practice weekend and Scottish Open.

Everyone at the 1st Battalion would like to wish Staff Cadet Sgt Robinson the very best of luck on his tour with the GB Under 19 Rifle Team, and “Good Luck at the Scottish Open

Watch out for the Haggis!