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Going for Gold: Regional Athletics Competition

Going for Gold: Regional Athletics Competition

30 May 2023

  • Kent ACF
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This weekend Kent ACF Cadets took part in the Regional Athletics competition at Tisley Park Athletics Stadium, Oxfordshire.

Cadets Treeton H, Rochester

Skinner, Tobruk

Conway, Tobruk

Skues, Woodlands

Brown, Woodlands

Stone, Woodlands

Loveland, Swanley

Fitch, Swanley

Downfall, Swanley

Moriarty, Swanley

Boulton Gravesend

Tebbut, Deal

In total Kent ACF won medals in:

GOLD MEDALS = 2- girls junior 1500m & long jump

Cadet(Teeton) SILVER MEDALS = 5- girls 4x 100m relay junior ( Loveland, Teeton, Skinner, Fitch)

Girls Junior 1500m (Teeton )

Girls senior 800m, 200m, 100m (Boulton)

BRONZE MEDALS = 7 girls senior Javelin (Brown)

Girls junior Javelin and Discus (Fitch)

Boys junior Relay 4x 100m (Conway, Stone, Tebbut, Skues)

Boys junior discus & long jump (Conway)

Boys junior 1500m (Stone)

Boys junior Javelin (Tebbut) Cdts Dowdall and Moriarty both did exceptionally well in their, long jump, shotput, javelin and discus events.

Winning medals is awesome but ultimately it's the taking part that counts and we are extremely proud of them all. Thank you to all the staff and Company sports reps that helped support this event, and a special thank you to PI Whittington for her great assistance.