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Former Ashburton Cadet's Regular Army Success

Former Ashburton Detachment Cadet, Tomas Vidak, recently completed his Phase 1 training at the Army Foundation College (AFC) Harrogate, and has now begun his Phase 2 Training at Catterick Garrison.

Former Ashburton Cadet's Regular Army Success

6 March 2021

  • Devon ACF

A former Ashburton Cadet has gone from strength to strength since leaving Devon ACF, firstly by successfully completing the arduous 'Phase 1' training at AFC Harrogate, before beginning the 'Phase 2' trade training at the Infantry Training Centre (ITC) at Catterick Garrison.

Tomas joined the ACF in 2018, and according to his former Detachment Commander, Second Lieutenant Maher, he was an outstanding cadet who showed dedication and diligence in everything he did.

As a mark of his excellence, Tomas was quickly promoted to the rank of Cadet Lance Corporal, however his Army Cadet career was cut short to enable him to attend the AFC and begin what we all hope will be a long and successful career in Her Majesty's service.

"To any parents out there, whose child is considering the path of AFC Harrogate in the future, the journey starts at cadets, and has been the most positive, life-changing experience we have had as a family."

Sian Vidak, Tomas Vidak's mother
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Former Cadet LCpl Tomas Vidak on remembrance day

Despite being with Devon ACF only for a respectively short while, Tomas achieved a huge amount, and was very lucky to receive a personal visit from the ACF National Champion, Phil Campion, at Tomas' family home.

Tomas receives a visit from ACF Champion, Phil Campion

"It becomes a family from the very beginning, at cadets, and blossoms from there. Keep being awesome Devon Army Cadet Force, and I look forward to our paths crossing once more with our other children."

Sian Vidak, Tomas Vidak's mother

A hearty congratulations and a massive well done to Tomas from all of us here at Devon ACF, and we very much look forward to welcoming you back in due course as a service helper!

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    Tomas' mother's collage

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    Tomas on parade with Ashburton Detachment

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    The first promotion of many (we hope)!

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