Five new Sergeant Instructors join Dorset ACF

Following the completion of their Advanced Induction Course, five Dorset ACF PI's gain their 'stripes"

Five new Sergeant Instructors join Dorset ACF

21 May 2021

  • Dorset ACF

Five new Sergeant Instructors have just graduated from the seven-day Advanced Induction Course run by the Bovington Cadet Training Team.

SIs Michael Dalton, Robert Hammond, Georgina Pocock, Josh Todd, and Jason Wilkinson are all now qualified to instruct and are looking forward to returning to their detachments and putting their new skills to good use.

Capt Joey Clough KRH, the team leader, said that he had been delighted by the high standard and enthusiasm of all of the students and that his team was ‘blessed’ to have such able students. Presenting the rank slides, Commandant Colonel Dick Taylor congratulated the five on their success and said that he was delighted that Dorset ACF continued to recruit such high-calibre adult instructors. He wished them well for their future and thanked the CTT for all their hard work and collaboration in delivering the course.

In a very close contest, SI Dalton was adjudged to be the best student, by the narrowest of margins.

Well done to all – and get instructing

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