First Durham ACF Commandant’s Coin Recipients

The first ten Commandant’s Coin recipients receive their coin

First Durham ACF Commandant’s Coin Recipients

10 March 2021

  • Durham ACF
DACF Commandant’s Coin

Commandant’s Coin

The first ten recipients of the Durham Army Cadet Force Commandant’s Coin have all had a personal handwritten letter drop through their letterbox along with their coin. The coins are a reward for service above and beyond and behind each one is an individual story. To find out the stories behind some of the coin recipients keep an eye out for the next issue of our County newsletter the Bugle Call.

Congratulations to the following well deserved recipients:

Signaller Faith Inglis - Army Soldier- Formerly Cadet, Horden Detachment - C Coy (the designer of the coin)

AUO Vicky Kirk - Northfield Gardens Detachment - A Coy

AUO Darren Robson- Seaham Detachment - C Coy

SI Stewart Bradford-Darlington Detachment - D Coy

SMI Tony Wardman - County Training Wing HQ

Lt Jonathan Miller - Band

Cdt Sgt Jordan Latcham - Spennymoor Detachment - D Coy

Cdt L/Bdr Lateisha Coleman-Sunderland South Detachment - B Coy

Cdt L/Cpl Kyle Burnip- Seaham Detachment - C Coy

Cdt L/Cpl Charlie Karim-Blaydon Detachment - A Coy

We are proud of you all #inspiretoachieve #dacfcommandantscoin