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The next generation of young leaders

Over the weekend of the 15-17 April, Cadet Non Commissioned Officers (NCO's) and potential Cadet NCO's came together at Yardley Chase Cadet Training Centre for the first NCO Cadre since covid restrictions were lifted.

The next generation of young leaders

19 April 2023

  • Leicestershire Northamptonshire And Rutland ACF

Led by the County Regimental Sergeant Major Instructor, RSMI J Ingle the weekend was jam-packed with leadership and command training, designed to challenge the Cadet NCOs and provide the experience and confidence needed to lead junior cadets, in addition to providing life long skills outside of the Army Cadet Force.

The weekend was kicked of with Drill and competition Judged by the RSMI, followed by lectures on Diversity and inclusion, Qualifications and awards available to cadets from the Cadet Vocational Qualifications Organisation (CVQO) and the wider Cadet Experience through Adventurous Training.

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Lectures underway

After lunch it was time to test the NCO's ability to plan, build, apply logic to complete a task using a dedicated STEM Kit (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) ; In effect they had to come up with a solution using the STEM Kit able to transport a glass of water to a bucket several metres away; the team with the most water in their bucket at the end was the winner. Congratulations to team 5 on winning. This was a great team building experience and fun for all.

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Leadership & Life Skills

The afternoon saw the cadets back in the classroom for lessons for, Communication ,responsibilities of an NCO, Leadership, and Logical reasoning, before ending the day and getting dressed smartly ready for a Regimental Dinner, hosted by the County Commandant, Colonel Davana together with RSMI Ingle.

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Dinner Ready

The weekend provided a fantastic opportunity to experience training aimed to develop confidence and skills for the next generation of young leaders and NCO’s within LNR ACF.

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