Padre Andrew White

Final Thought for the Week for Easter

Padre Andrew White & Padre Terry Wright

Final Thought for the Week for Easter

2 April 2021

  • Greater London South East Sector ACF
  • Padre Andrew White

    Padre Andrew White

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    Padre Terry Wright

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Thought for the Week

As a child growing up, Easter meant two things to me: holidays from school and chocolate eggs on Easter Sunday. That said, the little girl next door always had about 30 eggs which she would smugly show me, and I could not compete with my 6 eggs (if it was a good year!). Well, fast forward 40 or so years, Easter means different things to me now. Primarily, it’s a celebration of new beginnings, positive outcomes from the most challenging of situations, and a demonstration by Jesus of self-giving love for others that had no boundaries.

So whether you have a religious background or not, may Easter likewise bring you hope and encouragement in whatever you are trying to achieve. By the way, my mum still sends me an Easter egg in the post each year - at heart, I am still a little lad who loves chocolate!

As we return to face to face training, this will be our last Thought for the Week. Hopefully they have helped to keep yourself positive and encourage others. We might bring a little reflection on some significant dates.

Best wishes

Padres Andrew White and Terry Wright