No5 Poppy Appeal 2020

Fantastic Fundraising by No.5 (Haywards Heath) Detachment

No.5 Have been working hard throughout November and early December to raise funds for the Royal British Legion.

Fantastic Fundraising by No.5 (Haywards Heath) Detachment

13 December 2020

  • Sussex ACF

Wednesday 2nd December saw the last day of No.5's Move To Remember challenge, to raise funds for The Royal British Legion in the absence of being able to poppy sell this year. We are pleased and very proud, to share with you the news that they were successful!

Collectively they moved 1117.23 miles and raised £1112.00 - exceeding their targets of 1111 miles moved and £1111 raised..

A particular mention to Cpl White who opted to do a day walk on each of the 4 weekends, clocking up a total of 120 miles! He was also a top fundraiser, alongside L/Cpl Clarke, who between them accumulated nearly 50% of the total donations.

The combined effort as a detachment was complimented by individual challenges by some cadets, undertaking something '11' related on Remembrance Day itself. A particular highlight was the work of Cadet Macleod, No.5's newest recruit, who joined just before lockdown. He painted 11 rocks with Remembrance related artwork, then hid the rocks in his local community for young children to find with their parents whilst they were lockdown. Detachment commander SSI Sandiford visited the area (unbeknown to him to be a nosey spy) and saw dozens of families out enjoying his work.

Their just giving page is still open if you would like to top-up their donations.

Congratulations to all at No.5 and we look forward to our next fundraising challenge.

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