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Familiarisation and First Aid

New potential volunteers and requals

Familiarisation and First Aid

23 May 2021

  • Nottinghamshire ACF

Saturday 22nd May marked a positive step with some members of 'A' Company taking part in their in First Aid requalification at the County HQ.They were going through the recovery postition (Covid safe), and primary surveys, DRABC, breaks, burns and bleeds. The Training centre was also busy with a new intake of potential new Cadet Force Adult Volunteers (CFAV), on their initial, they were given details on how the organisation works and how they can progress.There was 2 groups 1 red and 1 green, they were in separate discussion areas, with members of the County HQ team, (Covid compliant) once they had finished discussing a variety of situations, they went back in to the main hall and was given a quick brief on what happens next.2 of the new potential adults give a quick video interview before going back to their presentation prep.

Once again some of the County HQ staff put 3 new potential Cadet Force Adult Volunteers through the process and what to expect when joining Notts ACF, there presentations were well thought out and on topics they knew, from the Paranormal, an hair-raising account of an helicopter flight, and back down to earth with the last presentation on owning an Allotment.They gave a quick brief of why they wanted to join as an adult volunteer, and which detachment they would like to parade at.All in all 2 days of First Aid with 'A' Coy and Familiarisation. Not the only Unit to be busy with 'D' Squadron holding their First Aid refreshers again with CPR and what to do when someone is choking on the 15th May.

With all the units adut volutnteers taking in part in refreshing their qualifications, re-opening detachments is getting closer.

Jackie said she would like to inspire and be remembered as the crazy lady from cadets.

Charlie commented on giving back to cadets what the instructors had done for me.