Exercise Wolf Cub

'A' Company Fieldcraft training weekend at Strensall - by SI C North

Exercise Wolf Cub

29 June 2023

  • Humberside And South Yorkshire ACF

Last weekend A Company, with a few cadet and Cadet Force Adult Volunteer guests from B Company, embarked on Exercise Wolf Cub, their fieldcraft training weekend at Strensall. In addition, there was a platoon of brand new one star cadets completing their Skill at Arms Training.

The one star fieldcraft platoon were taught basha building, hygiene in the field, reaction to fire control orders and obstacle crossing, amongst many other things. Section one of the one star platoon wanted to see how many cadets would fit under the basha, the answer: all 8 in the section.

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The two star platoon completed training around patrolling and three stars section battle drills and ambush drills. Saturday was extremely hot, training was stood down for a period of two hours during the highest heat and the cadets took this opportunity to have a well earned nap. You can see a photo of our three stars taking full nap advantage.

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Exercise Wolf Cub culminated in a blank firing exercise on the Sunday morning which gave the cadets an opportunity to be tested on their fieldcraft and tactics skills. The one stars reacted to a fire control order and defended the patrol harbour area, the two stars conducted a clearance patrol but they were contacted by the enemy and had to break contact and withdraw; luckily the elite fighting forces of the three stars were able to support and conducted an ambush as the enemy moved back and then went on to win the fire fight and fight through the enemy location.

Sergeant Major Instructor Mikey Torr, the Exercise Conducting Officer said: "The cadets were absolutely fantastic in terms of the ever increasing heat and remained focused throughout the exercise, I am very proud of what they achieved across the weekend and the final blank firing exercise and they demonstrated some excellent skills in the field."


The weather remained hot and sunny for the weekend, but cadets and adults alike kept hydrated and protected from the sun. It was a long and tiring weekend for all, but morale was high from start to finish.

Following end ex, a final parade was held where some cadets were presented with star level awards.

Cdt Kaiden Tock, Mona House Detachment, Basic Training Certificate

Cdt Harry Cannom, Bridlington Detachment, Basic Training Certificate

Cdt Archie Bricklebank, East Hull Detachment, Basic Training Certificate

Cdt Summer Tingle, Bridlington Detachment, One Star Certificate

Cdt Luke Ingram, Bridlington Detachment, One Star Certificate

Cdt Max Ford, Hedon Detachment, One Star Certificate

When leaving to return to home locations smiles could be seen on many faces.

The closing quote for the weekend was from Major Lenton, OC A Coy, who said: "The weekend could not have taken place without the commitment of all the Cadet Force Adult Volunteers and the support of B Coy staff. Hoorah the wolf pack!"

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