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Exercise Olympus Eagle - Cyprus

On Monday this week, cadets attending Exercise Olympus Eagle engaged with 1st Duke of Lancaster's Regiment.

Exercise Olympus Eagle - Cyprus

26 October 2022

  • Derbyshire ACF

Monday 24th October

The cadets in Cyprus begun their working week with an engagement afternoon with 1st Duke of Lancaster's Regiment. This was a real highlight for the cadets as they got to understand the life and roles of some of the serving members of the armed forces. The cadets had opportunities to get hands on with weapons from the army, look at sight systems, and fieldcraft kit and equipment. The cadets were immersed in trying on various body armour, helmets, using cam cream, and weighted bergens. The cadets really enjoyed the different stands and said it had been one of the best things so far.

We also had a visit from BFBS Cyprus to spread the word about Derbyshire ACF's Exercise Olympus Eagle. Huge thanks to Joe from BFBS to help us with this and put the interviews together. Cpl Brown, Cpl Illsley and SMI Powell could be heard through the radio the following mornings telling us of the engagement with the regiment.

After the cadets worked their way around the various stands, they had the opportunity to listen to the serving members discuss their roles in the army and ask any questions through a Q & A session. Thank you to all of 1st Duke of Lancaster's Regiment for their engagement with us.

Check out our photos below.

SSI Chadwick

County Media Officer

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