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Exercise Olympus Eagle - Cyprus 2022

On Saturday 22nd October, Derbyshire ACF flew 47 cadets and 14 staff to Cyprus to begin their Exercise Olympus Eagle in Cyprus.

Exercise Olympus Eagle - Cyprus 2022

24 October 2022

  • Derbyshire ACF

This week, Derbyshire ACF have begun their Exercise Olympus Eagle whereby 47 cadets, 18 CFAVs and 2 FTRS flew to Cyprus for a week of amazing opportunities and activities.

After a long day on Saturday 22nd October, whereby cadets and adult instructors arrived with cases in hand to head to the airport, we finally landed at 23.50 (local time) to head to the accommodation at Episkopi Garrison. Unfortunately, after landing at Paphos, due to Jet2 technical difficulties, and baggage issues we were held up at the airport for another hour! We finally arrived at Episkopi around 02.00 and sent the cadets straight to bed.

The following morning, after having a relaxed reveille at 10.00, the cadets woke up to a beautiful clear blue sky ready for their first full day on the exercise. Sunday's activities were based around an acclimatisation process in order for the cadets to settle in and become accustomed to the temperatures in Cyprus.

Firstly, the RSM, Exercise OC, and Exercise Training Officer gave a briefing to the cadets regarding their first activities. The cadets and staff then headed off to lunch so that the cadets could sample the cookhouse menu.

On Sunday afternoon, the cadets were broken down into their sections and we went to explore Kolossi Castle and The Kourion Archaeological Site. The cadets were amazed by the views over the sea and looked at the archaeological remains of Kourion. After, we headed back to camp for evening meal and then the cadets had down time where they could head to the swimming pool on camp to cool down.

A great day to get to grips with the locality of Episkopi Camp, and it's surroundings.

SSI Chadwick

County Media Officer

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