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Exercise Olympus Eagle - Cyprus

On Tuesday the cadets taking part in Exercise Olympus Eagle had the opportunity to engage with the RAF Regiment.

Exercise Olympus Eagle - Cyprus

27 October 2022

  • Derbyshire ACF

On Tuesday, the whole of Exercise Olympus Eagle attended RAF Akrotiri to take part in an RAF engagement day.

They began the day with an early breakfast, before moving out of Episkopi Camp to Akrotiri RAF Base to find their first stand being with the RAF Regiment who showed them the various weapons and drones they use. The cadets loved this as they were able to get hands on again with different weapons and were able to ask any questions to the serving members of the RAF Regiment.

After they had finished, they moved on to the JMETS (Joint Mission Essential Tasks) Recovery Section. The cadets had great fun exploring the various vehicles, and it was safe to say they enjoyed setting the sirens off and pressing the horns.

We moved on to the JMETS Repair and Maintenance section whereby the RAF Personnel took us through their mechanical hanger where they repair and maintain various vehicles. The cadets were able to walk down into the pit, and then were showed how they check the braking mechanisms.

Before long it was time for lunch, so the arrival of our baguettes from SSI Parker was more than welcome.

After lunch, we headed to 84 Squadron where we toured the Search and Rescue Griffin Helicopter. The cadets had the opportunity to go through the helicopter and look inside. We even got to watch a practice scramble where the Griffin took off.

Finally, we headed to The Royal Artillery who toured us around The Watchkeeper. The cadets were really interested in The Watchkeeper, and the Royal Artillery gave an in-depth presentation about The Watchkeeper.

A huge thanks go to RAF Akrotiri, JMETS, 84 Squadron, and The Royal Artillery for their engagement. The cadets and adult instructors really enjoyed the day and said it was one of their highlights this week.

SSI Chadwick

County Media Officer.

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