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Exercise Conducting Officer refresher

Derbyshire ACF carry out joint training with a neighbouring County to ensure all ECO CFAVs are current and competent.

Exercise Conducting Officer refresher

7 June 2021

  • Derbyshire ACF

On a sunny Saturday 7th June, in 25°c heat at Yardley Chase CTC, Derbyshire ACF teamed up with Leicestershire, Northamptonshire & Rutland ACF to ensure all their Exercise Conducting Officer qualified adults receive the latest information and become current and competent to run training exercises involving blank rounds and pyrotechnics.

EASP briefing

The training was administered by LNR ACF HQ, with the CTO Major Peplow and the TSA WO2 Macpherson leading on the refresher presentations.

The day started with the "Don't gamble with ammo" video, followed by roles and responsibilities of all exercise personnel. Afterwards the Exercise and Safety Plan (EASP) was discussed, focusing on key points and recent changes.

"for inspection, port arms"

All attending adults took their turn to deliver specific parts of the EASP and also play their part of "exercising troops".

The same training was also delivered the following day to capture as many as possible. In total 37 CFAVs attended the refresher training with Derbyshire ACF having 12 CFAVs qualifications re-validated.

best practice to inspect viper vests/webbing
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it is essential that all keep their qualifications as current and competent to ensure best practice is maintained

As an added bonus, those that attended had familiarisation on the recently (pre-Covid) purchased paintball weapons and ancills. Roll on the next battle lesson...

2020 paintball weapon and ancills